The Private Sector's humanitarian and life-saving assistance still continues to be distributed to the most eligible households and victims of the people of Afghandab district

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI)’s First Deputy to the Board of Directors Mr. Muhammad Younus Muhmand and Administrative and Financial Deputy to the Executive Board Mr. Mirwais Hotak traveled to Kandahar Province and started the second phase of distributing life-saving assistance to the victims of the Arghandab district.

It is worth mentioning that these life-saving packages are the generous donations of the following honored businessmen:
•    Mr. Habib Gulzar
•    Mr. Homayoon Khwaja Zada
•    Mr. Mirwais Katawazay
•    Haji Abdullah
•    Haji Zahir
•    Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Muhmand
•    And members of the Private Sector
Mr. Rasooli district governor of the Arghandab appreciated these generous donations of the traders of the country and addressed these donations as crucial and essential for the victims.

These food packages contain flour, rice, and ghee and have been distributed to 670 households and the distribution process still continues.