Export Promotion & Investment

Compared with volumes in trade and imports, the Afghan export sector remains small. In the field of export development, ACCI provides a range of services to Afghan traders through the Export Promotion and Investment Department. Among them are the following:

  • Preparing and issuing the Certificate of Origin;
  • Registering business invoices;
  • Pricing export commodities;
  • Offering necessary advice and cooperating in removing trade obstacles inside and outside the country;
  • Promoting Afghan quality goods through domestic and international fairs and exhibitions;
  • Addressing the challenges facing industrialists;
  • Industrial Parks Survey and collecting industry and export statistics and then presenting to respective entities on requested.

Therefore, the department persuades exporters to provide the following documents before export their goods, for don’t face any problem in Afghan and foreign customs:

  1. Packing List which specify characteristics of a commodity;
  2. Business Invoice;
  3. Certificate of Origin and Form A;
  4. Quality Control Certificate;
  5. ACCD;
  6. Filled out the Transit Form given by Transit Affairs Department of Ministry of Commerce and Industries;
  7. Bill of Lading.

To receive the Certificate of Origin and Business Invoice, exporters need to submit ACCI the following documents:

  1. Copy of business license from Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) or Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI);
  2. About agribusiness products, animal products, carpet and handicraft, a written request directly to ACCI as well as having Packing List are needed;
  3. About antique commodities, permission from National Museum is needed;
  4. About stones and gemstones, permission from Ministry of Mines is needed;

ACCI offers the export services in Kabul its Headquarter and through its provincial Chambers, Herat, Kandahar, Balkh, Nangarhar, Farah, Khost, Kunar, Kunduz and Faryab (Andkhoy District) provinces.

ACCI issues three kind recognizable and reliable certificates of origin. These are as follows:

1-  Certificate of  Origin, Form A: this form is recognized by Germany; Greece, Ireland , Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Sweden, Swaziland, USA, European Union, Belgium, Denmark, France, Australia, Canada, Austria, Finland, Japan, New Zealand and Norway.  Some countries consider free custom duty for Afghan goods;

2-  Certificate of Origin, SAFTA: this certificate is recognized by SAARC member states. India has considered free custom duty for 480 kinds of Afghan goods in according SAFTA Agreement. Pakistan also has considered free custom duty for 233 kinds of Afghan goods as well.

3- Certificate of Origin, granted by China: China has considered free custom duty for 4721 kinds of less developed countries’ goods such Afghanistan. This kind of goods should be exported to China in correspondence the Certificate of Origin.

Certificate of Origin Validation

Exporters can receive the above mentioned documents from Export Promotion & Investment Department in ACCI’s Headquarter and provincial chambers as well.