BMO Guidline

Registration of (Business Membership Organization) BMO

Entities to be registered:

  1. Business Associations, Unions or Federations in Kabul or provinces.
  2. Cooperatives in Kabul or provinces.
  3. Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry or Joint Business Councils.
  4. Foreign countries Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Business Councils Business Associations, Business Unions or other BMO.

Eligible People:

  • Legal and natural person having Afghanistan’s citizenship and business license.
  • Foreign nationals having work permit or business licenses in Afghanistan.

Documents Required:

  1. Filled application form.
  2. By-law along with the approval of the founding members.
  3. List of the founding members according to the attached format, which have to be at least 10 people.
  4. List of the Board Members according to the attached format, which has to be at least 3 people.
  5. List of the secretariat members (paid employees) according to the attached format.
  6. Tazkira or Passport copies of the Founding Members and Board Members.
  7. Business license copies of the Founding Members, Board Members and other Normal Members.
  8. Passport and Work Permit copies of the secretariat (foreign employees).
  9. Tazkira or passport copies of the secretariat members (local employees).
  10. List of all members (for the renewed registration document).
  11. Activity and financial report (for the renewed registration document).
  12. Organization logo with its description.
  13. Stamp of the organization.


  • All above mentioned document should be provided in soft copy to ACCI before finalization.
  • The above mentioned documents are not applicable to Cooperatives and women business associations, and they can only provide (Tazkira copies).


  • After the submission of the final documents, the ACCI team will visit the office of the organization and will report to the approval committee (Provincial Chamber will act on behalf of ACCI, if the office of the BMO is in the provinces).
  • The documents will be reviewed by ACCI approval committee for the final approval within a specific period of time.

Time Required:

  • 3 to 5 working days from the submission of the final documents.

Time for Receiving the Registration Document:

  • On due date or any other working day.

Registration Fee/Year:

The registration fee is annually payable, and the amount is equal for new and renewed licenses, as below:


Types of BMO

Amount in AFN


Business Association and Cooperative



Business Union/ Business Federation



Joint Chamber of Commerce/ Joint Business Council



Foreign Business Association/ Union/  Chamber of Commerce


 How do I join?

You can fill out the Application Form.

BoD list template

Employees list template

Founding members list template

If you have any questions, please contact: +93 781 22 54 56 or email: