Government Relation & Legal

The chamber law mandates the ACCI as the leading voice of the private sector to represent domestic and foreign companies in all matters pertaining to a favorable environment. Therefore, the chamber implements a wide range of activities through the Department of Government Relations and Policy, which is in direct contact with the relevant government and non-government agencies. Every year, the chamber organizes special meetings with the President of Afghanistan and participates in economic committees to draft new business related laws and revise old ones.

Additionally, the Department conducts arrangement of ACCI’s standing committees’ meetings and through them, collects the challenges facing each sector and then reveals the challenges and suggestions in a proposed policy to government.

ACCI Standing Committees:

  1. Industries Committee
  2. Export Committee
  3. Import Committee
  4. Craftsmen Committee
  5. Mines Committee
  6. Businesswomen Committee
  7. Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Diary Products Committee
  8. Transport and Transit Committee
  9. Construction Committee
  10. Medicine and Medical Equipment Committee
  11. Banking Services  Committee
  12. Currency Exchange Services Committee
  13. Airlines and Cargo Committee
  14. Oil and Gas Committee
  15. Media Committee
  16. Marble and Granite Committee
  17. Tourism and Hajj Committee
  18. Healthcare Services Committee
  19. Education Committee
  20. Carpet Manufacturers and Export Committee
  21. International Affairs Committee
  22. Business Development Services Committee
  23. Higher Education Committee
  24. Protecting of Consumers’ Rights Committee
  25. Norm and Standard Committee