ACCI and HCCIs' Chairmanships met with the Jihadi leader Ameer Muhammad Ismael Khan

Khan Jan Alokozay, Ziauddin Achakzai, Jan Aqa Sadiqi, and Asmatullah Wardak members of the ACCI’s Board of Directors, Herat Chamber of Commerce and Investment (HCCI)s' President Mr. Younus Qazi Zada, Chamber of Mines and Industry Chairmanship, a number of traders and investors met with one of the Jihadi leaders Ameer Muhammad Ismael Khan and expressed their concerns about fires in Islam Qala Port.  

They said that traders and investors invest millions of dollars in the country and creates numerous job opportunities for the people, however, the government does not take this into account.

Khan Jan Alokozay ACCI’s member of the board of directors said, “The main reason of the fires in Islam Qala Port is the uncustomary evaluations of the goods by the National Standard Authority (NSA) and existing corruption in the customs of the country is another big barrier in front of legal trade.”

Ameer Muhammad Ismael Khan said, “If a tragedy like Islam Qala Port occurs in one of the developed countries, the president of the country himself would travel to the affected site and condole with the people, but this thing never happens in Afghanistan.”

He, furthermore, asked the government to buy firefighting equipment for the customs of the country.