Oil, Gas & Chemical (12)

Company Name Products/ Activity Location
TAURLUBE Petrochemicals

Automotive Lubricants: Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Transmissions Fluids, Greases

Pune, India
Petropishtaz Espadan C4 flotation oil for mining in leaching method, super low aromatic paraffin oil Esfahan, Iran
Alfa Trade LLP Export of the wide range of LPG, oil and cereal products Almaty, Kazakhstan
Fars Chasb Moein Corporation Adhesive for Industrial, wood, booking, flooring, Iron & Pu etc... Tehran, Iran
Advanced Chemical Industries PVC, Cpvc, Upvc, Solvent Cement, Abs Solvent Cement, Eco friendly Lubricants, Plastic seal Alexandria, Egypt
Turos Company Exports Gas, Oil and Fuel to Afghanistan UK
Petroleum Sell Fuel Turkmenistan & Iran
DIT International Company Reduction of fuel/ Emissions in engines Korea
Qingdao Fuel Chemicals Titanium Dioxide, Citric Acid, CDEA China
Dooren Khoszestan Co Ltd Minerals & Chemical Tehran, Iran
Manufacture of Chemicals for Detergent Sodium Tripoli phosphate, Trisodium Phosphate, LABSA, SLES, Caustic Soda flakes China
Air Control & Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd Refrigeration Compressors, Cooling Units, Packaged Water/Brine Chillers, Industrial Fans Gujarat, India