ACCI Organizes Afghan-Uzbek Private Sector’s B2B Conference

ACCI’s Deputy Commercial Mr. Khairuddin Mail Ahmadi, Uzbekistan’s Deputy Minister of Commerce, ACCI’s member of the Board of Directors Mr. Asmatullah Wardag, Monitoring and Evaluation Delegation’s President Mr. Abdul Hamid Hameedi, Nangarhar Chamber of Commerce and Investment NCCI’s President Mr. Gul Murad Arab, Mines and Industry Chamber, Agriculture Chamber, and Women Chamber of Commerce and Investment, and several well-known traders and investment participated in Afghan-Uzbek Private Sector’s B2B conference.

Mr. Duran pointed out this B2B conference was significant for improving the business situation between the two countries and promised to take practical steps for joint investment in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

Mr. Khairuddin Mail Ahmadi welcomed all Afghan and Uzbek traders and investors and said that the purpose of this B2B conference is to get to know each other of the businessmen of the two countries, to find business partners, and to make joint investments in different fields.
He also emphasized good trade relations between the two countries.

At this conference, businessmen and investors from both sides talked about business and investment opportunities and future plans.