ACCI’s Vice-Chairman participates in the South and Southeast Asian Businessmen (Sichuan) conference

The 12th meeting of the South and Southeast Asian Businessmen (Sichuan) was organized by the China International Trade Development Council in cooperation with the people of Sichuan Province and the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sichuan Province, China on July 3rd, 2023.
This gathering was attended by government and non-government representatives of South and Southeast Asian countries, prominent businessmen, and senior officials of China.

In this meeting, seminars on trade and investment opportunities, strengthening and development of trade relations, establishing a mechanism for the development of South and Southeast Asian relations, as well as regional developments were presented and comprehensive discussions were held.

Mr. Muhammad Yunus Mohmand Vice-Chairman of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, who participated in this big meeting on behalf of the private sector of the country, gave a speech about the opportunities for trade and investment in Afghanistan and said " The presence of inclusive security in Afghanistan, the absence of corruption and poppy cultivation and a number of other issues are the issues that have created opportunities for business and investment in the country."

The Vice-Chairman of the ACCI described Afghanistan as a country of opportunities and explained the opportunities available in the fields of mining, agriculture, industry, construction, energy, communications, and health to the participants. Also, he encouraged the representatives of the participant countries to invest in the mentioned sectors, especially in energy production.

Mr. Mohmand considered the policy of the Afghan government to be based on the axis of friendship and goodwill, while supporting and welcoming trade and regional and non-regional interactions, he emphasized on the development of investment and trade relations between the South and Southeast countries.
Mr. Mohmand, while presenting detailed information about the holding of the second exhibition of Imam Abu Hanifah (R.A.), asked the countries participating in the 12th China Business Summit (Sichuan) to participate in this exhibition in 2023. It will be held on July 16th for 7 days, to participate and strengthen its business relations with the countries of the region.

On the sidelines of the above meeting, Mr. Mohmand visited China's largest electricity production company (Dongfang Electric International Corporation) inspected the power generation machines and techniques of the mentioned company, and assessed the installation of these items in Afghanistan.

He invited the officials of the mentioned company to participate in the national and international exhibition of Imam Abu Hanifa (R.H) and explain and display their products and capabilities.

Mr. Muhmand also met with the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Chandwi province of China and discussed the bilateral cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Afghanistan and the mentioned chamber. The chairman of the Chindwai Chamber of Commerce and Investment emphasized bilateral cooperation and assured the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two chambers.