ACCI honors the latest decree of the IEA

As a result of the ACCI’s exemplary struggles and several meetings held between representatives of the Afghan Private Sector and the Ministry of Finance of the IEA about bringing amendments to the rules and regulations of taxation, IEA’s leadership endorsed a decree which shows a considerable concession in taxation for the Afghan Private Sector.

ACCI’s Vice-Chairman Mr. Muhammad Younus Muhmand, ACCI’s member of the Board of Directors Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay, ACCI’s Acting CEO Mr. Mirwais Hotak, presidents of different unions, and a number of traders through press conference, welcomes and acclaims IEA’s latest decree.

Mr. Muhmand said, “Paying tax helps the government to keep its stability and provide people with better services. We, therefore, request that traders and investors pay their taxes on due time and actively take part in the economic growth of the country.”
He, furthermore, said that a committee comprising the ACCI’s members and sectoral ministries of the IEA has been established which will provide the Afghan Private Sector with more amenities and facilities in paying their taxation.
Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay requested the industrialists and manufacturers to take advantage of the discount in taxation and strive to increase the quality of their products.
He also called upon the government to calculate the tax of the imported commodities only once in order to prevent more problems and waste of time.