ACCI organizes the National Conference of the Afghan Private Sector

ACCI’s Chairman Mr. Tawakal Ahmadyar, ACCI’s Vice – Chairman Mr. Muhammad Younus Muhmand, ACCI’s CEO Mr. Shafiqullah Atayee, ACCI’s Board members, Deputy Prime Minister of the Afghanistan Islamic Emirates Mr. Mula Abdul Ghani Berather, Industry and Commerce Minister Mr. Nooruddin Azizi, ambassadors of Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Russia, and Qazaqstan participated in the National Conference of the Afghan Private Sector organized by the ACCI.

Mr. Muhmand proclaimed ACCI’s achievements in the last six months and suggested multiple ways for better commercial relations, a stable economy, and promoted trade.  

Mr. Mula Abdul Ghani Berather said, “The Afghanistan Islamic Emirates (AIE) is committed to providing the required facilities for trade promotion, better commercial relations, and economic growth.”
Besides convincing traders and investors to invest in Afghanistan, Mr. Berather assured the participants that AIE is going to create more job opportunities and hire the right type of candidates for the vacant positions.

Mr. Hedayatullah Badri said, “Ministry of Finance of the AIE is planning to link ASYCUDA to the other existing systems in the customs of the country.”
He, furthermore, promised that the Ministry of Finance would not let anyone trample economic values.     

Chairman to Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) Mr. Haji Muhammad Idrees said, “DAB has done quite a lot to make the International Community remove it’s imposed sanctions on Afghanistan, unfreeze the Afghan capital, dispatch of humanitarian aid, and has drafted favorable policies to be more cooperative with the neighboring countries.”

Mr. Atayee provided the participants with detailed information about the activities of the ACCI in the past 91 years.