ACCI's Vice-Chairman meets with the Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan

ACCI’s Vice-Chairman Mr. Muhammad Younus Muhmand, President to the Secretariat of the ACCI Mr. Khan Muhammad Sarfaraz Baz, Financial President to the ACCI Mr. Sherin Agha Sakhi, and Khan Jan Alokozay and Zakaria Baryali members to the Board of Directors of the ACCI met with the Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan Mr. Bahadar Ameneyan and his assistant Mr. Sayed Hassan Murtazawe and talked about the recent commercial and transit issues.

Mr. Muhmand said, “Current stable security situation paves the way to external investments in Afghanistan and leads to better trade and transit relations with the neighboring countries and the world.”
He also pointed out the existing obstacles in dispatching commercial commodities to Iran and asked Mr. Ameneyan to eradicate these obstacles as soon as possible.

Mr. Khan Muhammad Sarfaraz Baz said, “We strongly support any fresh approach which could result in better trade and transit relations and organizing joint commercial exhibitions.”

Mr. Ameneyan said, “We are willing to establish frontier installations and invite the Afghan Private Sector to invest in it.”
He, furthermore, said that we are committed to strengthening mutual commercial relations and providing the required facilities.