ACCI’s Vice-Chairman and Turkish Ambassador to Afghanistan pays a visit to the Afghan Internal Products Exhibition

ACCI’s Vice-Chairman Mr. Muhammad Younus Muhmand, Chairman to the Secretariat of the Board of Directors Khan Muhammad Sarfaraz Baz, Sayed Parwiz Sadat Hofyani member to the Board of Directors, Turkish Ambassador to Afghanistan Mr. Cihad Erginay, and Turkish commercial attaché Mr. Bozat paid a visit to the Afghan Internal Products and handicrafts Exhibition.

Mr. Muhmand appreciated the consistent cooperation of the Turkish Embassy to Afghanistan and the humanitarian and life-saving assistance provided by the noble country Turkey to the poor and needy in Afghanistan.

Mr. Muhmand suggested online and in-person conferences with the Turkish Commercial Chamber and business travel of the Afghan and Turkish delegations to both countries.   

Mr. Baz said, “Turkish visas not being issued to Afghan traders is one of the biggest obstacles on the way to better commercial relations and we kindly ask the Turkish Embassy to eradicate this problem as soon as possible.”
He, furthermore, asked the Turkish traders and investors to invest in Afghanistan.

Mr. Cihad Erginay said, “Strengthening mutual commercial relations is one of our priorities and Turkish investors are eager to invest in Afghanistan, however, the Afghan government and Private Sector should provide Turkish and international investors with the required investment facilities.”
He, also said, “The Turkish Embassy is planning to start issuing visas to Afghans in Kabul and subsequently in provinces.”