ACCI’s CEO meets with the officer in charge of ILO and chairman of NUAWE

ACCI’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Shafiqullah Atayee, ACCI’s BDS head of department, and ACCI’s advisers met with the International Labor Organization (ILO)’s officer in charge Ms. Margaret Reade Rounds and Amal Habibi chairman of the National Union of Afghanistan’s Workers and Employees (NUAWE) and expressed ACCI’s interests and commitment in business development and child labor prevention.

Mr. Atayee welcomed the guests from ILO and NUAWE and pointed out the significance of ILO’s technical support and provision of the required facilities in regard to creating a better work environment and preventing child labor in Afghanistan.

Mr. Atayee also indicated that ACCI and ILO has always played a vital role in job creating, providing legal solutions for the problems of the traders and investors, and helping business sector to reach the peak of success.

He, furthermore, insisted on organizing follow-up meetings for a better coordination and cooperation.  
Ms. Margaret said that Afghanistan is experiencing an unfavorable economic situation, but it would not stop them from implementing humanitarian and lifesaving projects in Afghanistan.

She, moreover, said that the UN has extended the Decent Work Country Program (DWCP) project for the next six months and intends to apply a transitional engagement framework that mainly focuses on the following issues:
•    Providing humanitarian and lifesaving assistance to those in need and ensuring businesses do not fall down
•    Saving livelihood and supporting the Private Sector in order to ensure business activities go well
•    Strengthening employers and workers system in order to ensure child labor elimination

Mr. Samadi said, “Afghanistan especially business sector endured a lot of economic loss in the last 4 months. The children began to earn a living for their families through hard work, but fortunately, the International Community still remembers us and continues to work hard to support us, without letting us lose hope.  

At the end, Mr. Atayee and representatives of NUAWE requested ILO’s officer in charge to set up a working relationship between MoLSA, NUAWE, and ACCI in order to work better together and achieve their shared goals and objectives.