ACCI, Kam Air and Pine Exporters Union signs a tripartite MOU

ACCI’s First Deputy to the Board of Directors Mr. Muhammad Younus Muhmand, Mr. Ziauddin Achakzay ACCI’s member to the Board of Directors, ACCI’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr. Shafiqullah Atayee, Administrative and Financial Deputy to the CEO Mr. Mirwais Hotak, Deputy Minister of Aviation Mr. Ghulam Jilani Wafa, representatives of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Kam Air Airline Company, and Chairman to the Pine Exporters Union Mr. Dildar Zadran participated in the ceremony of signing a tripartite cooperation MOU of dispatching merchandize through air corridors.

Mr. Muhmand said, “As Afghanistan is going through an economic recession, and the Private Sector receives no subsidy from the government, therefore, we kindly ask the Kam Air to dispatch commodities especially pine to Chian and other countries of the world at a low price.”
He, furthermore, said that pine is one of the country’s most valuable commodities.

Mr. Jilani Wafa said, “The Private Sector plays a vital role in the development of the economy of the country and the Ministry of Transport is going to provide the required facilities to advance exports of the country.”

Mr. Atayee said that ACCI has taken considerable measures in order to provide legal solutions for the problems of the Private Sector and traders as a whole.

Mr. Zadran said, “Dispatching commodities through air corridors plays an important role in the economic advancement of the people especially those working in the pine process companies.”