The first pilot shipment through Lapis Lazuli Route Inaugurated

The first pilot shipment through lapis lazuli route officially  inaugurated by Dr. Ashraf Ghani president of Islamic republic of Afghanistan on 13 Dec 2018 at Herat province.

This issue officially announced via press conference at GMIC (government media and information center) on 12/Dec/2018. Where the deputy to spokesperson of the president Mr. shah Husain Murtazawi, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat CEO of ACCI, and deputies of ministries of Finance, Transport and industries & Commerce were attended.

Mr. Murtazawi, said” inauguration of lapis lazuli route is a part of foreign policy of five circle economic development program and this will reactive the historical location of Afghanistan again”

He added “the lapis lazuli route can connect Afghanistan form two ports (Aqeena and Torghondi) with caucuses and European nations via Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat said” inauguration of lapis lazuli route was the hope of  private sector since 15 years and ACCI discussed the opening of lapis lazuli route through conferences and TV programs continuously, this can change Afghanistan form an importer to an exporter country”.

Mr. Nusrat said”the lapis lazuli route is very secure in terms of time and cost efficiency” he emphasized  some challenges that hinder the implementation of TIR operation in Afghanistan such as: installation of special visa sticker under  permission of eco organization, solving road pass problem, enhancing of  Oscoda System in consideration of TIR requirements , establishing of  equipped terminals at Torghondi and Aqeena ports, establishing of one-stop-shop in Afghan customs, establishing special green lines for TIR system in relevant customs,  providing  Incentives  for the TIR operating companies since TIR could play a significant role in implementation of this project”

The first shipment will be transfer under TIR system including 83 tons of cotton wool, 23 tons of raisins, 26 tons of watermelon seeds and 2.5 tons of sesame.