British embassy officials met with ACCI CEO

On Tuesday, 5th December, 2017, ACCI CEO Mr. Atiqullah Nusrt hold meeting with British embassy officials. The meeting which took place at Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries was attended by Mr. Micheal Blyth, Economic Advisor for DFID Afghanistan and Tim McNeill, Private sector development team leader for DFID Afghanistan at British embassy Kabul. Both sides discussed issues of bilateral interest.

ACCI CEO, Mr. Nusrat welcomed the delegation and provided them briefings regarding recent business and trade progresses with the countries of the region as well as Afghanistan-Pakistan transit trade.

Regarding Afghanistan-Pakistan transit trade,Mr. Nasrat said:” In recent past, Pakistani government has increased tarriff on Afghan products particularly on fresh and dry fruits to be imported to Pakistan, which has badly affected our trade with that country”.

During his speech, regarding trade with India and The Central Asian countries, Mr. Nusrat said:” In recent past, our trade with India and The Central Asian countries has visibly increased. During this year, we were able to export 1500 metric tons of fresh and dried fruits with total amount of 18 million US$ to India through air corridors.

He also briefed the delegation about the subsidies of the government of Afghanistan offered to the exporters of fresh and dry fruits. On Behalf of ACCI, Mr. Nusrat pledged the delegation for any kind of possible cooperation.