Public-Private Partnership in Health Sector

In a bid to evaluate the current situation of health sector, prevent looming cost of the sector and to create a consensus over implementation of public private partnership in this crucial sector, the ministry of public health of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan held a session on 8 Jun 2016, which was attended by Mr. Doctor Firozuddin Firoz minister of public health, deputy and directors of the ministry, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat CEO of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Alhaj Ghulam Nabi Eidyzada Board member of ACCI, Mr. Dr. Hashem Wahaj director of ACCI’s Health committee and a number of members and activists of health sector.

Mr. Dr. Firozuddin Firoz, termed assessment of implementation of various models of public private partnership as prime objective of the gathering and added “experiments across the world have shown that government, on its own, has never been able to fulfill the needs of its people and undertake tangible steps in health sector, but private sector involvement has played a contributing vital role in this regard throughout the history.

He further said: “by offering a partnership to private sector in such projects, we are solely intended to facilitate the ground for better treatment of our compatriots, who are suffering from various diseases, inside the country.

Meanwhile, he stressed that as result of absence of modern diagnostic equipment and lack of accessible resources in governmental health sector, Afghans are spending over 300 million dollars for receiving health care and medical services in foreign countries particularly in neighboring countries.

Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat CEO of ACCI, termed the move of offering partnership to private sector in medical centers and hospitals such as Shikh Zahed Hospital which is located in 80-m street of Hamid Karzai International Airport, as vital step and added: “perceiving the private sector growth and its importance in implementation of such projects, by ministry of public health is admirable and existence of such supportive opinions would yield increased investments in the country”.

Moreover, he stressed that due to concerns over investment environment in Afghanistan we have been witnessing tremendous capital flight from country, but fortunately some incentive and productive programs have been initiated in recent past months, and based on ACCI’s surveys, the satisfaction level regarding the business environment in the country is positively surging, which would undoubtedly lead to enormous investment attraction.

Mr. Nusrat urged the government to facilitate the promotion of those medical centers and hospital which are working according to international norms and are providing quality health services, in order to regain the lost trust on health sector and to prevent the capital flight from country.

In a part of the meeting, participants expressed their questions, opinions and suggestion related to public private partnership in the country and termed it as an important step towards providing quality medical services in the country.

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