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About Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI)

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment - ACCI is a strong and united business membership organization representing the entire private sector of Afghanistan. It is the service-oriented, independent, and modern Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan. ACCI is a legal independent personality, and the non-governmental, non-political, and non-profitable organization of self-administration of the Afghanistan business community. It protects the rights of the private sector, it coordinates, leads, and supports business activities, and it makes efforts for developing the economy on national and international levels. ACCI strives to provide the best possible services to its members and to the entire private sector of Afghanistan.

Job Summary

The TIR Unit will operate under the direct supervision and leadership of International Affairs Department of ACCI. As the ACCI is the TIR issuing and guaranteeing organization, so the TIR center will be a responsible office the TIR related activities. This center will improve as one of the important departments of ACCI after the successful implementation of the project in Kabul.
The TIR Project manager will work under the direct supervision of the International Affairs Director and has the following responsibilities:

Job Details

Date Posted:

31October 2019



Closing Date:

08 November 2019

Work Type:

Full Time

Number of Vacancies:




Functional Area:


Open Ended:




Salary Range:

As per company salary scale

Contract Type:


Years of Experience:

3 Year(s)

Contract Duration:

1 Year(s) & 0 Month(s)

Extension Possibility:


Probation Period:

2 Months

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Be the contact person for the IRU/ TIR Department.
2. Attend meetings of the IRU Commission on Customs Matters.
3. Closely follow National Customs regulations affecting the application of the TIR Convention in the Country and inform the IRU TIR Department of any such regulation.
4. Be well acquainted with the provisions of the TIR Convention, the Deed and the Declaration of Engagement, as well as of the Association’s and Holder’s Manual, etc.
5. Overall responsible for smooth, effective and efficient operational activities of TIR project and day to day operations.
6. Prime responsible for planning, implementing and follow-up of TIR project activities.
7. Ensure effective coordination and communication within ACCI operation department, regional/provincial chambers/sub offices and other departments in terms of project activities.
8. Perform regular monitoring to supervise performance of his/her subordinates as well as ad-vise them for the improvement of their work.
9. Ensure that relevant updated government laws, policies, strategies, manuals and guidelines are communicated and a copy of them are available at TIR Center as reference in terms of TIR project.
10. Submit monthly activity reports of to line manager/donor on timely manner.
11. Ensure that proper recording and filing system is in place in project office and all incoming and outgoing memos, correspondence, letters are registered and sent to its destination on timely manner.
12. Develop Spirit of co-operation and understanding among members of the TIR project and other departments/units of ACCI.
13. Ensure that all the prepared documents are accordingly to the donor requirements.
14. Compilation of annual plans, action plans and activity reports on monthly and quarterly bases.
15. Record, compile, analyses and interprets TIR project data and information.
16. Conduct initial & refresher workshops and training as well as provide on-job training to TIR Center staff.
17. Ensure quality in projects through provision of updated relevant and timely information for the purpose of planning, implementation and evaluation of the project.
18. Coordinate, conduct and participate regular meetings to discuss TIR project issues and elicit end user feedback.
19. Build and maintain excellent working relations with Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, Ministry of Commerce and Industry Customs Authority, donor agencies, international organizations and government officials related to TIR system
20. Provide recommendations to the CEO for acquisition of TIR system and economic development projects.
21. Analyze the development programs of TIR system in Afghanistan.
22. Develop project ideas and interact with donor agencies toward developing and Expansion of the current project of TIR.
23. Build implementation structure with other departments of ACCI for implementation of TIR system in Afghanistan.
24. Coordinate, supervise, and evaluate TIR project implementation with ACCI technical staff.
25. Take all measures necessary to convince donor agencies for supporting the ACCI/TIR sys-tem and private sector development in the country.
26. Interacting with the government officials and convince them for supporting the ACCI /TIR system through donors.
27. Annual TIR project activity / operation plan is developed and submitted to CEO and COO.
28. TIR project action plan is developed and compiled
29. Set strategic TIR project goals and ensure achieving those.
30. Conduct SWOT and PEST Analysis and identify alternative strategies.
31. Develop TIR project tactical plans according to the strategic plans and proposal.
32. Conducted on time workshops and training according to TIR project activity plan.
33. Provide information on international innovations plans in TIR.

Travels to Provinces: Require Travels to Provinces


3. Fluent in Pashto or Dari and English.
4. High creativity in administration skills.
5. Strong ability and motivation.
6. Excellent organizational and communication skills.
7. Charismatic personality.
8. Be skilled in computer equipment.
9. Adequate knowledge of management is essential.


• Higher education in project management / BA. or higher. At least 3 years of experience
• Be Fluent in English,
• Be skilled in computer equipment
• Have good knowledge of the applicable national legislation
• Have a good organizational skill
• Be an executive member of the Association’s management staff and a very close collaborator to the secretary General of the Association.

Job Location

Afghanistan - Kabul


Bachelor Degree, Administrative

Submission Guideline

Short listed candidates will be invited for exam and interview with the ACCI selection panel. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. We kindly ask all applicants not to inquire about their application status.
applicants must include the position title and vacancy number in the subject line.
Applications including covering letter,CV  and education document should be in one file and sent before 08 November 2019

Submission Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it