The first deputy Chairman of ACCI met with TEVT program Director of GIZ

The first deputy Chairman of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and industries- Mr. Alhaj Khan Jan Alokozay met with Mr. Dr. Goster Reiyer- TEVT country Program Director of GIZ at the first deputy chairman’s office on Wednesday 8th March 2017. Mr. Azizullah Salleyee- Technical Assistant to GIZ, Mr. Mohammad Alias Umar- Head of Afghan – German solidarity GIZ, Mr. Dr. Parwanfar Massoud- coordinator person between ACCI and GIZ and Mohammad Zia- head ACCI of IR Department had also taken part at this session.

Initially, Mr. Alokozay thanked from the cooperation conducted by GIZ with the people and Government of Afghanistan in previous years adding that: “the programs which is planned by GIZ on implementation of TEVT programs; a project to work on human and professional capability of fresh graduated people from Afghan technical institutions, is one of our top necessity and we wish this would cause to a professional young staff in Afghanistan.”

Mr. Alokozay conversed over the significance of TEVT project in Afghanistan additionally adding that: “technical training project which is aimed to boost the technical and vocational capabilities of Afghan young generation, costs a lot to Afghan Private Sector; even though we have contracts on implementation of capacity development and professional training programs with MOE ‘Ministry of Education’ and MoLSAMD ‘Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and disabled of Afghanistan, but We appreciate the inauguration of professional training program from GIZ and we are ready to take any measure for their support.  ACCI has hired a commission to prioritize those program which are the first necessity of private sector; the commission will announce the sections which needs these program to be implemented as their first priority because this would not only cause to their capacity development but would end to employment as well. ”

Thereinafter, Mr.  Goster spoke over the significance of the planned program adding that: “those sectors and sections which need to be covered have already been identified through our assessment teams, GIZ would try to identify those sections which are joint concern of GIZ and Afghan Private Sector.”

At the end of the meeting, TEVT program Director asked the leadership of ACCI to work in close coordination with presidential senior advisor for infrastructure and private sector to finalize the draft document of TEVT program, which was welcomed by the leadership of ACCI accordingly.

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