Preparatory meeting on Afghanistan – Germany economical conference held

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Afghan – German Solidarity Association are jointly working for the upcoming Afghan - German Economic Conference, scheduled to be held on 17th - 19th January 2017 in German city of Essen.

The preparatory meeting organized on 7th December 2016 at the meeting Hall of ACCI, Mr. Alhaj Ahamd Tawfiq Dawari - deputy CEO, Mr. Mohammad Zia Azizi Director of I.R department, Mr. Dr. Massoud Parwanfar Advisor of ACCI, and Mr. Alias Omer head of Afghanistan- German solidarity Association had taken part.

Mr. Dawary while greeting the guests, called the presence of representatives of the private sector substantial, adding that: “in line of other programs, exhibitions and business matchmaking conferences, a number of Afghan businesspeople would also participate at upcoming Economic summit.” This meeting convening for further coordination of upcoming conference has also led to the introduction of Mr. Omer with representatives of different sectors in country in order to collaborate the following meeting and debates.

Mr. Mohammad Alias Omer while presenting his satisfaction from introduction with the representative of private sector, adding that: “we hope these meetings cause to further coordination of your concern in term of business opportunities with German Business delegation and to make the opportunity of inter-business-relation between the two countries.”

Afterwards, the Business and representative people of various sectors named the meeting important; as a result, they presented their specific recommendations and comments over business issues in the country as well.

The participants conversed over the activities of their respective companies as well as the capabilities and eventually called for cooperation in specific field such as manufacturing and marketing in favor of their products in Germany.

In the long run, some traders while addressing the restrictions of their visas period talked over absence of Custom preferences on Afghani export commodities in German side.

Mr. Omar names processing and packaging as of their major problem on export sector.