ACCI appreciated Chinese Ambassador and Commercial Attaché to Afghanistan

Besides hosting the new Chinese Ambassador and Commercial Attaché, the leadership of ACCI appreciated the previous Chinese Ambassador and Commercial Attaché to Afghanistan.

The hosting ceremony wherein the Chinese Ambassador H.E Bawjin, the previous Commercial Attaché H.E Wong Dowhow and H.E Tian Glowingly the current Commercial Attaché in Kabul, the Second Vice Chairman of ACCI Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Yonus Mohmand, industrial Vice Chairman of ACCI Mr. Baz Mohammad Afsarzai, Secretory Chairman of ACCI Mr. Sahdullah Haqyar, Mr. Mohammad Ismail Ghazanfar and Mr. Ibrahim Zarif board members of ACCI as well as some members of Afghan private sector and National business people from across the country had taken part held at Kabul Star Hotel on 26th November 2016. The ceremony was organized to appreciate from the close cooperation of previous Commercial Attaches to Afghan and to address him the good will of Afghan private sector to him.

Talking over previous good neighboring and commercial relation, on behalf of Afghan private sector, Mr. Mohammad Yonus Mohmand declared his willingness for boosting the Commercial relation between the two countries and talked over trade balance adding that: “the scale of our imports from China is more than one billion Dollar while the extent of export consists almost 10 million U.S Dollars and would try to enhance even more.”

Mr. Mohmand spoke one enhancement of recently made facilities namely the provision of Visa facility as well as paving the transformation opportunity of Afghan Commercial Commodities to the Central Asian Countries by the government of China, as a result he appreciated and called all measures an important step for development of trade between the two countries.

Chinese Commercial Attaches Mr. Wong Dawo acknowledged the hospitality of Afghan people during his working period and defined the cooperation of ACCI close, friendly and even unexpected.

The Current Commercial Attaché to Kabul Mr. Tian Gwangly assured the full cooperation of Chinese embassy with ACCI, expressing hope for Mr. Wang Dawhav on having better working relation with Afghan traders. He linked the peace and economic effective on each other, insisting that peace could be reached through great focus on economic growth.

Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Mr. Bawjing appreciated the hospitality of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries noting that the closure of one’s career term doesn’t mean the end of cooperation, instead it would further be strengthened.

The Chinese Ambassador guaranteed the cooperation of the countries with Afghan Traders.

Finally, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries appreciate the work of Chinese Ambassador through provision of a Certification.