Representatives of International Trade Center (ITC- Geneva) met with CEO of ACCI

Board members of International Trade Center (ITC-Geneva) while meeting with the CEO of ACCI, declared their decision over the implementation of several projects in coordination with ACCI for the purpose of industrial and exports development of Afghanistan. The aforementioned project would be implemented within 2017 and 2019 years.

The meeting which was held at CEO’s office, CEO of ACCI Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat and Deputy CEO Mr. Shafiqullah Ataei met with the delegation and discussed over the implementation of the institution’s projects in Afghanistan. ACCI would hold a fundamental role in fulfillment of the project said the representative of the organization.

The ITC- Geneva’s representative is planning to implement five million US Dollars’ worth project on National Export Strategy (NEC), Commercial Facilities Capacity building and public- Private partnership debate programs in the country.

As long as the economy of Afghanistan strongly needs foreign aids and supports; particularly, supports in trade, investment, promotion of industry and trade facilities highly calls for attention, as a result, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and industries appreciates the inauguration of such projects and programs and consequently announces his best attempts for the accomplishment of the projects.