36th IITF Pragty International Exhibition

36th IITF Pragty International Exhibition was held on 24th November 2016 in New Dehli city of India which was opened by the President of the country. Almost more than 6,500 exhibitors from 24 countries have participated at this exhibition. The exhibition is one of the largest events in the world wherein more than 500 thousand people have taken part, in daily average.

Since 2006, Afghanistan has had an active presence in the exhibition and Afghan exporting companies have putted their product to show and have once acquired the first grade at the series of these exhibitions as well as Afghanistan has been known among 33 countries as partner-state  in 2015. ACCI, as a result, has measured Awareness programs to the participants and it is expected to gain the first grade once again.

In this year’s exhibition, 45 Afghan companies within 41 stalls have putted their products such as: dried fruits, Pomegranate, saffron, carpet, handicrafts, ornaments and marble to display; 31 booths out of 41 stalls, has been allocated to dried fruit, 4 stalls to carpets, 2 booths to ornaments, 3 stalls to handicrafts including clothing and leather-formed briefcases, one booth to saffron and one stall to pomegranate.

These stalls were organized on 24 October 2016 at 18th international hall which was opened by Mohammad Qurban Haqjo, commercial deputy minister of Afghanistan’s Trade and Commerce Ministry. Mr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali Afghan Ambassador to India, Alhaj Nasrullah Zaheer Chairman of Kandahar chamber of commerce and industries, Alhaj Mohammad Amin Tarakhil Head of Economic Developments Exhibition of Ministry of trade and commerce, Mr. Mirzaman Popal director of Export and Commerce of ACCI, Head of Participating companies and many other participants had token part at the exhibition.

Notably, Afghan Traders have been much pleasured from the participants and their interest to Afghan products, in the same way, many Afghan companies could acquire good contract on pomegranate, saffron, dried fruit and rugs parts.