The participation of ACCI leadership at Seventh Business development Round-Table

The seventh business development round-table, which was organized in Szechwan city of China, was successfully conducted. Thus, for the participation purpose at the event, an Afghan business delegation under the leadership of Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Yonus Momand, the second Vice chairman of ACCI, Mr. Naqibullah Laraway Finance Department Director of ACCI, Mr. Mohammad Naseem Malikzai leader of Afghan businesspersons in China, and many high business and official authorities including  Mr. Janan Mossazai, Afghan Ambassador to China, Mr. Ly-Ching CEO of Szechwan Chamber, Mr. Soraj Vedia CEO of SAARC Chamber and many other entities from around the globe had participated.

At the margin side of the event, Mr. Momand met with the Afghan business entities based in China and discussed over their problems.

Mr. Janan Mossazai conversed over the investment opportunities in Afghanistan and added: “Afghanistan has extensive investment opportunities; Islamic Republic Afghanistan has amended trade and investment laws; in the same manner, they have good co-operation and assistance relation with private sector in Afghanistan.”

Mr. Mohammad Yonus Momand spoke over the infrastructure and construction issues as well as corresponding opportunities in Afghanistan and added: “what shown contradict a lot with reality regarding investments and business opportunities in Afghanistan. Since last fifteen years, Afghanistan has fortunately taken a great number of steps ahead toward economic development. Afghan government has adopted many measures for further inspiration of investments in Afghanistan, some of which could be listed as in the following:

  1. PPP:  Afghan government has approved the law of public – private partnership, which would let the government to work together with private sector in massive national projects across the country.
  2. China and Afghanistan has been connected through train way.
  3. Kabul - Trumchee Weekly flights has been started.
  4. The meeting of High Economic Council, that Private Sector is one of its key members, is done by every week and discusses over major economic issues in the country.
  5. In last three months, private sector has invested more than three billion Dollars in Afghanistan

All above measures demonstrate the existence of massive investment and business opportunities in the country; thereby, we invite SAARC member states and China to have an observation of business and investment opportunities in Afghanistan.

At the end of the round-table, suggestions were collected and participants delivered their opinions. Most notably at the margin of the event, 16th Western China International EXPO was carried out too.