The travel of Afghan Business delegation to Uzbekistan

A High-ranking delegation consisting of Mr. Mohammad Shakir Kargar Presidential Special Representative to the countries of Central Asia, Mr. Dr. Hamayoun Qayumi Senior Advisor to the President in Communication and Information Technology and Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat, CEO of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries headed to Tashkend city of Uzbekistan in tenth International productive Exhibition which has been organized on Wednesday 26th November 2016.

In addition to the above entities, Mr. Mohammad Dawood Yusoufzai, Mr. Alhaj Khairuddin Mayel, and Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Ibrahim Zarif board members to ACCI on behalf of oil, constructional material, food, and transportation sectors had also participated.

Mr. Nusrat together with the attendant delegation beside visitations from various sections of the exhibition met with Deputy Ministers of Trade and Foreign Economic of Uzbekistan, head of exhibitions of Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Chairman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Through these meetings, a memorandum of cooperation for facilitation of trade and investment in Afghanistan between chairmen of the two countries’ chambers were endorsed.  It should be added that this is the first ever inauguration record of such meeting between the chamber authorities of the countries.

Mr. Nusrat called the event significant and efficient. Likewise he added: “the responsible entities of Uzbekistan chamber of Commerce and Industries announced their willingness to inaugurate constant exhibition in Afghanistan and to generate joint trade conferences in the countries”.

Within this trip, meetings between special Representative and senior Presidential Advisor with foreign and economic ministers of Uzbekistan were organized additionally, Uzbekistan side promise to provide Afghan businessmen with multiple visa issuances.

The official travel of Uzbek delegation composed of director of foreign trade and foreign ministry representative to Afghanistan is scheduled for next week, through which cooperation contract between ACCI and the delegation would be finalized, as well as Uzbek trade Agency in Afghanistan would, accordingly, be established.

Notably, tenth productive international exhibition in Uzbekistan is in progress for ten more forth days which 3000 productive companies and organizations have participated.