The travel of the Afghanistan Businessmen delegation to Saudi Arabia

H.E Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan along with 22 businessmen including the leadership of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), members of the private sector from the country’s key provinces such as Kabul, Balkh, Herat, Ghazni, Nangarhar, Faryab, Kandahar, headed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Afghan delegation was wholeheartedly welcomed by the Nominate King to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Arab officials.  The two countries high Officials authorities, through meetings discussed over political, Economic, Social and cultural issues.

Within the meetings, discussion and analytical speeches over issues like; Peace and Security in Afghanistan, Relation between Pakistan and Afghanistan, elimination of terrorism, investment inspiration, and grant of working permits to Afghan workers in Arab as well as growth of educational, cultural, health and commercial relations between the two countries were addressed.

Dr. Abdullah. Abdullah alongside Leadership of ACCI and private sector accentuated that the initiation of peace and security in Afghanistan, has provided the opportunity of economic activities and investments in; in same manner, Arab investors has received the chance for investment in the country. Arab government committed to change the Pakistani Passports of Afghan worker based in Arab to Afghani passports as well as to provide them working permits, consequently the contract of further cooperation was approved. The custodian of the Haramain Sharifian, H.E king Sulaiman son of Abdul Aziz said that the kingdom cares of its responsibility toward Afghanistan, on building peace and solving other country’s matter.

The King emphasized that the cabinet members would be ordered to provide Afghan workers, Afghani working permits.

The joint meeting with Mr. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Assaf, Arab’s kingdom Minister of Finance, discussions over issues how to expand and increase bilateral cooperation in the sectors of trade, transit, investment and banking was conducted.  The Chief executive said that Afghanistan has vast natural, agriculture and energy resources investable to Arab investors. H.E Dr. Abdullah added: “for the development of private sector, National Unity Government has taken steady steps and Arab businessmen and investors can either independently or jointly with Afghan businessmen invest in Afghanistan. It was also suggested that Gulf altogether with Arabic countries exempt their tariffs on Afghan exports till the business-relations among nation be expanded.”

In meeting related economic issues, Deputies to Chairman and board members of ACCI on behalf of Afghan private sector had attended, likewise discussions over initiation of economic and trade relation were delivered. Meanwhile, on the margin of the meeting, representatives of the private sector met the kingdom’s Minister of Finance, Minister of Oil, Minister of Commerce and Industry and wealth minister; while the proposals for the continuation of economic and trade relations, provision of facilities for investment, tariff exemption, trade and investment contract between the two sides were endorsed. Similarly, the king committed to make joint committee to solve the proposed matters.

The leadership of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and industries beside the Meetings approved the economic contract with Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and the Riyadh side promised to implement of the approved contract. In the same time, Arab investor asked the representatives of private sector regarding investment opportunities in Afghanistan and answers were offered by Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay and Mr. Azarakhsh Hafizi; the first deputy chairman and I.R director to the chairman of ACCI. As well as, other issues like Afghanistan's membership in the WTO and formulation of relevant laws and regulations for trade facilitation were organized.

Board members and national merchants together with the Afghan delegation met with Afghan businessmen based in Riyadh and heard their problems. Subsequently, the Afghan delegations arrived to Mecca and visited governor of Mecca, after haj pilgrimage, they met Afghans in Mecca.

At the end, the delegations while coming back to Afghanistan accompanied by the governor of Madina toward the airport.