Cargo Transit Contract was Endorsed

Since exports in the country has a strengthening role in the economic growth of public and the national economy of the country. Most recently, through initiation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan (ACCI), a number of airlines and national merchant’s exporter of fresh fruits, dried fruits, plants, vegetables, carpets, etc., hold the decision to take trade commodities via air to international and alternative markets at affordable rates to promote their business in the region.

In endorsement ceremony of the contract between the fresh fruit export union and Ariana Airlines, Kam Air and Safi Airlines, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat, CEO of ACCI, Mr. ShafiqUllah Atahee, deputy CEO to ACCI, Mr. Farid Ahmad Paikan, Head of Airlines Union and many entrepreneurs in the country had participated which had been held at the conference hall of ACCI.

Thereinafter, Mr. Nusrat added: “the implementation of this contract would solve the massive on the way problem in the country on the transit and a new market for fresh fruit products would be found; in the same manner, following to the development of maintenance cargos in the country, the trade relation between India and Afghanistan would be increased from 200 million US Dollars to 300 million US Dollars.”

It is noteworthy that Indian markets makes one of the most buyer market for Afghan exports and supplies while currently attract 40 up to 50 percent purchase market for dry fruit of the country and has found a good trade rate as well.

After the endorsement of the contract, the parties agreed to try their best on implementation of contract‘s contents.