Open Access Policy was Approved

According to the expanding need of Afghans to national wide, reliable and high-quality information technology and communication and to enable the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to provide Afghans reliable and qualitative Internet facilities as well as to convert the Afghanistan as a pathway of regional information technology, investments from private sector on National fiber optic network and Internet is thought as vital as the need to internet and emission of the information technology.

Thus, a Press Conference on implementation of Open Access Policy to the basic infrastructure of the telecommunications in the Government Media Center was inaugurated, wherein Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Senior Advisor to the President for Communication and Information Technology and CEO of ACCI had taken part.

The minister of Communication and Information Technology, Mr. Abdul Razaq Wahidi conversed on objectives of open access policy and added: "facilitation of investment, provision of free and fair competitive opportunities in the telecommunications market of optical fiber and basic infrastructure, providing accession opportunities to the private sector in creation of optical fiber projects and activities, makes the main objectives of this policy"

Thereinafter, Dr. Hamayoun Qaiyoomi Senior Advisor to the President for Communication and Information Technology spoke over the importance of the policy said: “Implementation of these policies would not only initiate the basic infrastructure for the private sector to be created but would also let the sector to conduct its activities legally.”

Afterward, Finance Minister, Mr. Abdul Satar Murad called the initiation of policy as significant and a paved-way toward the employment and economic growth, reinforcement of local governance, development of domestic revenue and provision of opportunities for competition among the private sector.

Forward, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat CEO of ACCI spoke over the presence the of communication and information technology and called it an essential substance for promotion of trade and investment furthermore, he added: “one of long-standing wishes of private sector in field of communication and information technology through establishment of Open Access Policy on infrastructure of communication and information, which makes as one of 13 priorities of private sector, was accomplished. In last 15 years, as a result of massive investment of private sector and its participation in communication and information technology sector has taken shape. The lately approved Open Access Policy would led much more improvement and further investment in communication and information technology sector would develop as well.

For further growth and development of optical fiber and investments in the country, the CEO asked the government to pick up all security barriers away as well as, he urged the government to put custom exemption on import of high technology equipment and machinery and to provide 4G internet accession to private sector. At the end, CEO of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and industries asked ministry of communication and technology and related organizations, as a policy making and evaluator institution to fully coordinated implementation of activities of the private sector without interference.