Service Delivery Contract between GAIN and ACCI was signed

As one of the most effective and cheapest way to reduce the spread of malnutrition diseases, fortification of foods with vitamins and minerals can have a constant beneficial effect in the prevention and treatment of diseases in long run, caused by deficiency of some Vitamins and Minerals. As a result, their deficiencies to body can lay several harmful effects as lack of some vitamins like Iron and Iodine is followed with very severe and even fatal consequences. The contracts of delivering service between Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry were signed in Kabul. This is the first contract on food fortification in Afghanistan implemented by GAIN with financial support and technical assistance of the United States agency for international development.

Mr. Alhaj Khan Jan Alkozai first deputy of ACCI, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat CEO of ACCI, Mr. Mohibullah Wahdati CEO of GAIN, Mr. Najeebullah Safi head of preventive medical, Mr. Alhaj Baz Mohammad Afsarzai, industrial deputy of ACCI, Mr. Nezamuddin Tajzada member of ACCI and Mr. Abdul Rahim Deputy to Kabul CCI had participated at the event which was held in Conference hall of ACCI.

At the initiation of the event, Mr. Nusrat conversed over the ratification of the food enrichment contract and said: “according to international and national surveys conducted in the country, Afghanistan has faced with shortage of enriched food supplement which has caused different diseases in every genre of the society. Based on these surveys, 49 per cent of infant between six months have been faced with the problem of stunting and the prevalence of anemia to children and pregnant women is for the deficiency of Mineral and Vitamins in primary food supplement such as flour and oil.   Thus, the chamber and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition jointly signed the memorandum on food fortification and enrichment. The first contract was signed to create edible primary food enrichment joint board wherein the ministries of Public Health, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry and Private Sector act as members. Technical affairs of the Board will be conducted from secretariat, which will be created under the ACCI staff and would launch advocacy and public awareness programs. The term of the contract is for one year, but the board would continue his work as usual after the end of the contract as well.

This board would work on initiation of prominent policies for food enrichment, presentation of defined suggestion on field of food enrichment to government and relevant entities and inspiration of investors for investment in the sector.

The CEO added: “the topic of the second contract is to hold public awareness and advocacy conference which is scheduled to be launched in November this year. At the event H.E president, CEO or their deputies and high representatives of the relevant departments would take part as well as national and international institutions would evaluate from the food enrichment and fortification.”

Thereinafter, Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay spoke over the issue and added: “the responsibilities of Private Sector toward the society in global and applicable inflation increases day by day. Fortification of food with vitamins and minerals has been usual in eastern countries back in decades; unfortunately, enrichment of food in Afghanistan and Pakistan has not been under the attention of sovereignties while this contract will prevent the spread of the diseased in future.”

Afterwards, Mr. Najeebullah Safi head of preventive medicine added: “the deficiency of essential Vitamin and Mineral in foods leads the community to different dangerous and deadly diseases.

CEO of GAIN said: “the budget of the project is provided by USAID and would be implemented by ACCI in building of joint food enrichment board.”

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and industries acknowledges the inauguration of such programs as a major step toward physical and mental growth of the children and others and would led a vital rule in prevention of diseases caused from the deficiency of Vitamin and mineral.