ACCI leadership attended at Sixth Annual Central Asian Trade Forum (CATF)

The sixth annual Central Asian Trade Forum (CATF) hosted by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Thus, for the participation purpose at the event, 35 Afghan Businessmen under the leadership of Mr. Khan Jan Alkozai, The first vice chairman of ACCI and Technical Assistance of Siamuden Pasarly, Public Relation Director of ACCI, had participated in this forum at Rixos hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

CATF provides a platform for constructive dialogue to address challenges in trade development in Central Asia, South Asia, and the broader region.
This year’s theme was export potential and trade development: New challenges and opportunities in Central Asia.
From September 7-8, 2016, More than 600 Participants including 35 Afghan Businessmen took part in plenary sessions, master classes, roundtables, a trade exhibition, business-to-business meetings, a fashion show, and an award ceremony.

Emphasizing on important role of Kazakhstan and the CATF have played role in connecting people and businesses across the region, U.S. Secretary Deputy Assistant of state for Central Asia; Dan Rosenblum conversed: “the Central Asian Trade Forum has been instrumental in forging vital trade linkages through donation of business-to-business networking opportunities among entrepreneurs and facilitating the development of cross-border trade. This forum exemplifies the United States’ commitment to economic prosperity in the region.

I want to extend our sincere gratitude to our key partner, Kazakhstan, for hosting this event for the last five years. Once again, Central Asia is becoming a place where the world comes together to do business and exchange ideas.”
Mr. Khan Jan Alkozai, The first vice chairman of ACCI, spoke to the Central Asian Trade Forum over the business opportunities, and geographic valued of Afghanistan meanwhile; he asked the businessmen across the world, for investing in Afghanistan.

Central Asian Trade Forum has become a landmark event in the region and beyond. Over the past five years, more than 3,000 entrepreneurs, experts and opinion leaders from 20 countries have participated the trade forum.

Every year leading trade experts, public opinion leaders, top managers from the Governments and business sectors as well as representatives of international organizations and diplomatic missions and other interested parties had taken part in the Trade Forum.

Traditionally, The Trade Forum represents an interactive business platform; where participants have an opportunity to share their experience, talk about their successes and challenges regarding exporting, accommodating advices on overcoming hurdles, and establish business correspondence. At the event, businessmen and Government officials from countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and delegations from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Latvia and Lithuania had participated.

Topics discussed at the Central Asian Trade Forum VI were as in following:

  1. 1. Export Potential and Trade Development: Perspectives of Central Asian Countries and
  2. their Trade Partners in Central Asia.
  3. 2. Economic and Geopolitical Conditions for Export Potential and Trade Development in
  4. Central Asia.
  5. 3. Entrepreneurship and Trade Development in Current Economic Environment: Business
  6. Perspectives and Insights.
  7. 4. Doing Business in Central Asia.
  8. 5. Annual Development of Regional Tourism: New Trends and Opportunities.
  9. 6. Strategies of New Business Development: Key Success Factors.
  10. 7. Flour Export and Fortification.
  11. 8. Development of Transportation and Logistics: New Challenges and Opportunities.
  12. 9. Horticultural Exports from Central Asia and Export Diversification.
  13. 10. Expanding Economic Opportunities for Women-Entrepreneurs.
  14. 11. Trade Means Business: The Art of Sale-Learning from Masters.

Every year, within the scope of the Trade Forum, an exhibition of goods of participating companies takes place, and “The Best Exporter of the Central Asian Trade Forum” Contest is arranged. In 2016, product samples of more than 70 companies from the Central Asian countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Latvia, and Lithuania, were presented at the exhibition.