21st Executive Committee Meeting of ECO-CCI, Specialized Committees and ECO Public & Private Sector Energy/petrochemical Consortium held in Tehran, Iran

Specialized committees meetings of Arbitration, technical session of BRP (Business Rating Program) of ECO-CCI, women entrepreneurs’ council, trade facilitation, transportation, Tourism, Industry and investment committee meeting were held on 14-17 August 2016 in Tehran, I.R of Iran.

The meetings hosted by Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, were attended by business delegations of ECO member states.

Afghan delegation, headed by Mr. Azaraksh Hafizi Vice-President of ECO-CCI and Head of Board of Directors’ International Affairs Committee, comprised of Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Zarif member of ACCI’s BOD, Mr. Sahd Khatibi, Chairman of Herat Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Haji Obaidullah, Chairman of Nimroz Chamber of commerce and Industries, Mr. Ahmad Jahid Atal, International Organization and MOU Manager at ACCI and a number of relevant prominent Afghan traders.

7th Arbitration Committee Meeting

The meeting of the Arbitration Committee of ECO chamber of Commerce and Industry, hosted by the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) was held on 14th August, 2016 in Tehran, Iran with participation of the technical experts on arbitration from member National Chambers and ECO Secretariat.

At the outset, the background of the formation of technical committee was briefed by Dr. Ayub Mehar, Economic Advisor – ECO CCI.

Subsequently the delegates of ECO member states, gave detailed information about the Arbitration process and procedures.

Afghanistan delegate informed that Arbitration center in Afghanistan (Afghanistan Center for Dispute Resolution) is working independently and there is no intervention from government side, hence it is totally independent.

Moreover Afghan delegate were agreed on the views that we should identify obstacles and hurdles faced by private sector and there should be a consensus for removal of the problems.

After lengthy debate the house approved the following decision unanimously:

  1. Technical Sub-committee on arbitration to be formed consisting of experts from members of Iran, Pakistan and Turkey.
  2. Within two months the sub-committee will call its meeting to work out the draft of this modes-operand / statute of arbitration. They can have meeting on video conference as well. TOBB has proposed the first meeting to be held in Turkey.
  3. The TOR will be prepared for the Technical Sub-Committee to be approved in specialized committee on Arbitration.
  4. The draft of the article of arbitration will be circulated to all ECO member countries.

Technical Committee Meeting of 3rd ECO Business Rating Program (ECO BRP)

While participating, the ECO secretariat proposed that ranking of member states and its companies should only be done after the formal consent of the member states Governments. Unless the member states Government give their formal permission the ECO Secretariat would be unable to support this initiative.

The house agreed that Iran Chamber should prepare a concept paper for establishment of the ECO Business Rating Program to be submitted to the members of the ECO CCI for their approval, which should then be finalized and sent to the Governments of the Member States through the ECO Secretariat.

Women Entrepreneurs Council Meeting

Chairperson of the ECO CCI Women Entrepreneurs Council presented her statement on the women entrepreneurs in ECO Region.

While attending the meeting ACCI delegate appreciated the work and efforts of the women entrepreneur council of ECO CCI and gave various ideas for empowering women. The delegate added that business women should be provided with economic independence as it is a pre-requisite for expanding the businesses.

8th Industry and Investment Committee Meeting

Mr. Hafizi, Vice President of ECO CCI informed that lots of resources available in Afghanistan for investment. He pointed out that private sector should lead in investment promotion activities.

He also said that due to frequent change that is tenure of President of FPCCI we have to deal with new faces in relation to enhance our cooperation. He proposed that tenure of president of FPCCI should be more than a year.

Representative from ECO secretariat informed that it has tried to hold meeting on APPI but due to lack of Quorum the meeting was not held. Further, informed that Pakistan has offered to host and provide hospitality to the member participation.

21st Executive Committee Meeting and First ECO Meeting of ECO Public & Private Sector Energy/Petrochemical Consortium were jointly inaugurated on 16 August, 2016 during a glorious ceremony which was attended by Dr. Mohammad Nahavandian, Chief Executive of the Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Abdul Rauf Alam, President of  ECO–CCI and Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Mr. M. Rifat Hisarciklioglu, President of the Unions of the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), Mr. Gholamhosein  Shafeiee, Vice President of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA), Mr. Azarakhsh Hafizi, Vice President of ECO-CCI from Afghanistan, and ECO Secretary General, Ambassador Halil Ibrahim Akca made their statements in the inaugural ceremony.

The 1st Meeting of the ECO Public and Private Sector Energy/Petroleum Consortiums/Companies was structured in 5 panel discussions involving representatives of the public/private energy entities of the participating countries who made extensive discussions on various features of cooperation in energy sector. During the 2-day active programme, the Meeting agreed on establishment of ECO Energy Consortium(s), covering cooperation and projects on oil and gas, electricity, petrochemical and renewable energy sectors. A roadmap for the establishment of the ECO Energy Consortium will be prepared and circulated among the Member States shortly.