ACCI Representatives accompanied President of SAARC CCI on his trip to Pakistan and India

After successful completion of the series of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industries’ activities in Afghanistan, Mr. Mohammad Yonass Momand, ACCI Commercial Vice-Chairman and SAARC CCI Vice-President, Mr. Zaiulhaq Wazirzai, Mr. Jalaluddin Saeed, SAARC CCI’s Executive Committee member and Mr. Mohammad Zia Azizi, International Organization manager at ACCI accompanied Mr. Suraj Vaidya, President of SAARC CCI and his accompanied delegation from other SAARC member Countries to Pakistan and India from 14th -20th April 2016.

SAARC CCI delegation left Afghanistan on 14th April 2016 to attend the meetings with SAARC CCI secretariat, Minister of Commerce and Industry of Pakistan, Sustainable development Policy Institute and visit SAARC CCI building which is newly coming up and Faisalabad Industrial Park in Islamabad, Pakistan. While meeting H.E. Engr. Khurram Dastgir Khan, Minister of Commerce and Industry of Pakistan, SAARC delegates raised the problem of Afghanistan Sugar Traders Association and the problem of Afghan trucks which are not allowed to carry goods from Wagah Border back to Afghanistan while they are carrying Afghan goods to India. Mr. Dastgir Khan said that the problem of Afghan Trucks has been solved and they are able to carry the goods from Wagah Border back to Afghanistan since one month. He also assured SAARC delegates that the problem of Afghanistan Sugar Traders with their Pakistani Counterparts will be taken seriously by the ministry of commerce and the issue will be solve soon.

SAARC CCI delegates during the visit to Islamabad signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sustainable Development Policy Institute for further mutual cooperation on economic issues. They also visited Faisalabad Industrial Park for working on the possible ways to establish SAARC CCI industrial park.

On 17th the delegates left Pakistan for the purpose of attending the meeting with Minister of External Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and EC-GA member of SAARC CCI in New Delhi, India. While meeting with Ministry of commerce and Industry, Mr. Mohammad Yonass Mohmand, Vice-President SAARC CCI detailed the issue of Afghan delegates facing problem while entering India by road through Wagah Boarder.  He thanked the government of India for facilitating the issue to Afghan delegates and said that the government of India and Afghanistan need to work on bilateral visa mechanism to facilitate the entrance of Afghan citizen by road to India as the trade volume between Afghanistan and India is increasing. He referred to the statement of Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Pakistan about the Afghan Truck which are now allowed to transport goods back to Afghanistan from Wagah Border and deemed it as an important step for economic integration of the south Asia.

Mr. Momand further added that Afghanistan government is ready to support SAARC CCI in establishment of the SAARC industrial park in Afghanistan he also requested the government of SAARC member countries to remain committed in participating at the SAFTA ministerial meeting which was planned to be organized in Kabul early April 2016 and postponed due to the lack of quorum.

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