Afghanistan - Kazakhstan Business Match Making Conference

The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) in close collaboration of Kazakhstan embassy to Kabul hosted Afghanistan – Kazakhstan Business Match Making Conference on March 30, 2016 in Kabul, to promote cooperation between companies, enterprises and organizations from Republic of Kazakhstan and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in order to strengthen business, economic, and trade relations in both countries.

His Excellency Mr. Omirtay Bitimov Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Afghanistan, His Excellency Mr. Shakir Kargar the Special Envoy to the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mr. Aitughan Omarov the Deputy Chairman of Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan, Mr. Khan Jan Alokozai the Deputy Chairman of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Darkhan Suleimenov the Chairman of Board of Investment and Industry Corporation "Zhersu", and Mr. Gulshir Khan the President of "Afghanistan Expo Centre" spoke to this event.

At the beginning, Mr. Omirtay Bitimov honorable ambassador of Kazakhstan to Afghanistan termed the establishment of Kazakhstan’s trading house in Kabul quite important for strengthening business ties between the two countries, addressing the outstanding challenges faced by traders and encouraging foreign investments. He stressed that political and economic relations between the two countries have increased over the past 15 years but his country is intended to further increase the relations.

Mr. Shakir Kargar the Special Envoy of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to central Asian region, emphasized on firm support of Kazakh traders and investors by Afghan government and said: “currently the trade level between the two countries is very low, Afghanistan’s imports from Kazakhstan reaches to nearly 500 million US dollars and its exports to the Kazakhstan is around 10 million US dollars”.

He added that Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan railway project is under construction which is expected to end in August. Mr. Kargar said this project will connect Afghanistan to Kazakhstan, Russia and Baltic Sea through Turkmenistan.

Mr. Aitughan Omarov the Deputy Chairman of Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan, while addressing the conference said: “Kazakh traders and investors are intended to develop new ways of business interaction with Afghanistan”. He added that Afghanistan has imported around 379 million US dollar worth wheat flour and edible products from Kazakhstan in 2015 and has exported 10 million dollar worth dried fruits and carpets to Kazakhstan.

Mr. Alhaj Khanjan Alkozay First Vice Chairman of ACCI, termed the signing of memorandum of understanding as new chapter in relation between the two countries. He also emphasized that for resolving the commercial and business disputes in both the countries a working group should be devised in Kabul and Astana.

Mr. Alkozay urged the regional countries to enter into new agreements in order to foster and maintain amicable business – political ties.

CEO of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat and Mr. Aitughan Omarov the Deputy Chairman of Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan Signed a memorandum of understanding in order to enhance bilateral trade between the two countries. Meanwhile, Investment and Industry Corporation “Zhersu" of Kazakhstan and the "Afghanistan Expo Centre” company also signed a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of the Trading House of Kazakhstan in Kabul.

The delegation from Kasakhestan were from Poultry farm, Grain processing, sale of flour, Sunflower oil, sunflower meal, sunflower cake, wheat flour, Production of photovoltaic modules, Poultry farming of egg production, Production of flour, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Poultry, Manufacture of bakery products, Food manufacturing industry, Wheat-to-flour production, Gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, heating oil and other oil products, Manufacture and sale of cereals and baking flour, Agricultural activity (livestock and crop farming), Export of grain crops, Grain processing and Sale of flour sectors.

The Parties exchanged market information, promised to organize seminars, symposiums, conferences; workshops, meetings and establishing join ventures to involve the business community in cooperation of the competent authorities.

Afghanistan and Kazakhstan have longstanding trade relations, Kazakhstan can be a better alternative for importing foodstuff and reconstruction materials. Kazakhstan financed the reconstruction of the Taliqan-Kunduz-Shir Khan Bandar, high school in Dare Suf district of Samangan and the hospital in Waras of Bamiyan.

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