National Exports Forum and Recognition of best exporters of 2015

Considering exports vital role in economic growth of the country, ACCI organized second National Exports Forum & Recognition of best exporters of 2015, having more than 250 members of Afghan Private Sector particularly exporters from across the country, ministers and directors of relevant ministries and independent entities in attendance.

Mr. Alhaj Khanjan Alkozay first vice chairman of ACCI, while welcoming the delegation termed identifying key constrains and challenges faced by export sector and finding a presenting their realistic and measurable solutions to the national unity government as core objectives of this national forum. He also added that currently our economy is in crisis and government should take wider and proper measures for tackling the problems.

Moreover he added: “considering Afghanistan’s traditional trading system, neighboring countries could be great potential markets for Afghani products.” Stressing over modernization of trade in the country Mr. Alkozay asked for an increase in quality of the products.

First vice chairman of ACCI called the damping and cruel policies of the neighboring countries, lack of governments support from domestic products and lack of quality control certificates as main factors which impedes the exports and urged the government to facilitate the establishment of modern laboratories in coordination with ANSA and International Standards Organization.

While addressing the event, CEO of ACCI Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat discussed the main problems and challenges faced by export sector in Afghanistan during presenting a detailed presentation.

He added: “by studying at least the past four years, it clearly shows that our average exports were over 500 million US dollars while our imports were over 8 billion US dollars annually. Which indicates that averagely exports have accounted 6.75 percent of trade turnover balance annually, during the past four years”.

Furthermore Mr. Nusrat termed the facilitation of Business and investment environments as vital for attracting foreign investments. He urged the government to form and amend the relevant laws and regulations in accordance with private sector’s proposed document of problems, challenges and their solutions.

Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Younus Momand commercial vice chairman of ACCI’s BOD, thanked the Excellency president for his economic activities and supporting the private sector of Afghanistan, but expressed his deep dissatisfaction from Afghan commercial Attaché abroad. He termed the lack of wide and proper marketing for Afghan quality goods as a big problem.

Meanwhile he asked the government to provide regular and without outage electricity for industrial parks and factories.

Then a number of exporters were given the opportunity to express their views and share their problems with authorities.

Mr. Abdul Bari Rahman deputy minister of commerce and industries of Afghanistan counted the surge in exports level and promotion of domestic products as main objectives of this ministry. He lauded ACCI’s initiative of conducting such a great national event and hoped that practical and implementable solutions would be presented to government as a result of group discussions.

Mr. Mohammad Qurban Haqjo CEO of AISA, called the quality, quantity and price as main three factors for increasing the exports level of every economy.

He added: “in order to offer our good and products to international markets at low price and to compete with other countries there should be a drastic decrease in production costs.”

Mr. Haqjo added that AISA is intended to distribute lands in industrial parks of provinces and all those eligible interested investor who would like to get land in industrial parks, can now get the land acquiring forms form ACCI as well.

As a part of the event, 36 best exporter from fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, medical plants, saffron, carpets, mining, animal products, cereals, industrial products and handicraft sectors who have had top export ranking in the past year were appreciated by ACCI leadership and governmental official with presenting them special awards.

Afghanistan have had huge deficit in trade turnover balance over the past 14 years. However partly work have been done in forming and implementing policies for extricating the prevailing situation, but the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is yet to take significant and realistic measures in this regard, as our exports are nearly million dollars and our imports are billion dollars.

The main objectives of this forum are evaluating the current situation of Afghanistan’s exports, examining vulnerabilities and key constraints, organizing the proposed solution in a document, recognition and encouragement of top exporters based on ACCI’s data bank.

It is worth mentioning the outcomes of this national event would be presented within a document to the leadership of the National Unity Government as brief summary of key constraints and challenges faced by Afghanistan’s Exports sector.

First National Exports Forum was organized on 6 February 2013 and was attended by second deputy of ex-president of Afghanistan, exporter’s national association and 40 best exporter who were then appreciated by ACCI through presenting awards.

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