2nd Afghan-Australian Business Conference held in Melbourne

The Australia - Afghan Business Council (AABC) in collaboration with Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce (ACCI), jointly organized the 2nd Afghan-Australian Business match making conference on 15-17 February 2016 in Australia.

The event was attended by His Excellency Mathew Anderson, Australian ambassador to Kabul, Mr. Alhaj Ali Akbar Zhwanday private sector advisor to His Excellency president of Afghanistan, Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Younus Momand commercial vice chairman of ACCI’s BOD, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat CEO of ACCI, head of economic and cultural development of Australia and respective members of Australian business and private sector community and Afghan business delegation comprised of 40 businessmen.

Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat, thanked AABC for organizing such significant conferences and termed the organizing of such conferences as vital for enhancement of bilateral business relations between the two countries, connecting Afghanistan with the world and pave the path to create joint ventures, attract foreign investments, find business partners, buy machineries and acquire expertise and modern technologies.

While pointing out the potential investment opportunities in the country Mr. Nusrat added: “Afghanistan is an emerging market with tremendous opportunities in various sectors, such as agriculture, mining and natural resources, construction, telecommunication and services, energy and infrastructure.”

CEO of ACCI shed a light on various economic sectors such as agriculture, construction and technology, which have been witnessing rapid progress in recent years.

Furthermore he stressed: “We at ACCI strongly believe that Afghanistan will present unique opportunities for investment, considering the global and regional development trends and the location of the country on the juncture of several big markets like central and south Asia, China and Middle East, Russia and South Asia.”

Subsequently, Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Younus Momand commercial vice chairman of ACCI’s BOD while addressing the conference called for strengthened regional cooperation and integration for better implementation of large projects such as TAPPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Gas pipe line project) in the region.

In addition Mr. Momand urged the Australian government for smooth visa processing issue for Afghan private sector and business community in order to further expand the bilateral ties among the two countries.

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