ACCI Presents its Highest Award to Honorable Ambassador of Germany to Kabul

ACCI’s leadership discussed various business and economic issues during a meeting with Germany’s ambassador to Afghanistan His Excellency Markus Potzel on February 6, 2016. The meeting hosted by ACCI was attended by Excellency German ambassador to Afghanistan, Mr. Alhaj Khanjan Alkozay First Vice – chairman of ACCI, Mr. Baz Mohammad Afsarzai Industrial deputy of ACCI’s BOD, Mr. Mohammad Ismail Ghazanfar service deputy of BOD, Mr. Sadullah Haqyar Head of BOD secretariat of ACCI, Mr. Dawood Yousufzai and Mr. Ibrahim Zarif members of BOD of ACCI, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat CEO, Mr. Abdul Qadir Bahman policy and technical deputy of CEO and Mr. Hashem Rasouli Director of international relations department of ACCI.

While welcoming the German ambassador Mr. Alkozay, termed the relations among the two countries historic and brotherly. And said: “Germany and Afghanistan shares really very long historic ties, as in the tenure of Dawood khan Afghanistan was exporting carpets, precious stones and other products to Germany and in return German exporters were exporting a verity of quality products as well as different modules of cars to Afghanistan. There are many afghan traders doing business in Germany right now.”

Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat CEO of ACCI, while pointing out to the German aids with Afghanistan added that current progresses and achievements of ACCI particularly conducting of Business Tendency Surveys would have been impossible without financial and technical assistance from GIZ.

“ACCI conducted four authentic surveys during the past year, which’s findings were shared with cabinet ministers and leadership of National unity government of Afghanistan. And fortunately outcomes of these surveys were confirmed as credible by relevant ministries and are deemed as a guideline in terms of developing and implementing plans toward growth of the private sector in Afghanistan.

Excellency Markus Potzel ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany to Afghanistan thanked ACCI for organizing such a gathering and praised Afghan private sector for its progress and achievements. “I am extremely glad that Afghanistan is having such a great private sector which is organizing fruitful gatherings and forums.” He added. Excellency ambassador termed the London conference on Afghanistan, Private Sector Priorities for Reform and ACCI’s surveys as useful recommendation.

Meanwhile he termed the lack of job opportunities as main challenges toward economic growth of Afghanistan and stressed that Afghan private sector can play vital role in resolving this issue and Germany is closely working with Afghan people through running various employment programs in the country.

Mr. Ibrahim Zarif BOD member of ACCI said: “it has been over 50 year since me and my family are doing business in Germany and we have a sausage production company named (Aryan) in Germany.”

Mr. Sadullah Haqyar Head of BOD secretariat of ACCI, termed the achievements of Germany in northern parts of Afghanistan, particularly in Kunduz province, appreciable and said: “Germany is working in Kunduz province in close collaboration with local residents and we are witnessing the rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads, medical clinics, schools and implementation of various other constructive projects out there, and we are thankful for their all-out support.”

Leadership of ACCI asked for even closer business ties among the two countries and termed the sharing of facts and figures important for further strengthening business relations between Germany and Afghanistan.

As a part of this gathering, the excellent performance Excellency Markus Potzel ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany to Afghanistan, in terms of close cooperation with ACCI as well as Afghan Private Sector, was praised with presenting ACCI’s highest level Award to him by ACCI’s leadership.

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