Business First conference Held in Kabul

Pak – Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PAJCCI) held a conference under the title of “Business First” aimed at boosting business cooperation and strengthening business relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, on 13 January 2016.

The core objectives of this conference were solving problems and challenges faced by traders and investors of the both countries, revision of bilateral agreements, discussion on APTTA agreement, facilitating visa process for business communities of both countries, identifying constraints and challenges and proposing practical solutions to the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The conference was attended by Mr. Alhaj Khanjan Alkozay former president of PAJCCI and current member of this chamber and also Senior Vice-Chairman of ACCI, Mr. Muzamel Shinwari Deputy Minister of commerce and industries, Mr. Gul Pacha technical director of Customs, Mr. Ibrahim Shams Deputy of AISA, honorable members of ACCI and PAJCCIs’ Board of Directors, representative of Pakistani embassy to Kabul, prominent trader and investors of both countries and mass media.

During his Inaugural speech Mr. Alkozay welcomed the Pakistani delegation to Afghanistan and termed the exchange of such business delegations as vital for strengthening the ties between the two countries. Pointing out to the prevailing economic situation of the country said: “the PAJCCI has always tried its best to reduce the political tension among the two countries, which in most cases causes strained relations.”

Meanwhile on behalf of Private sector Mr. Alkozay voiced his support for an afghan led peace talks. “We have always urged the governments of both countries to segregate the economics from politics and act in accordance with international guidelines.” He added.

Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Younus Momand Commercial deputy of ACCI’s BoD, while pointing out the achievements of the joint chamber, praised Mr. Alkozay’s tireless effort in terms expanding business relations among the two countries.

Mr. Zubair Motiwala, during his speech in this conference termed the past year full of achievements and appreciated Mr. Alkozay for his all-out efforts.

Moreover he expressed happiness over Afghanistan’s accession of World Trade Organization (WTO), and hopped that being a member of this international organization, the outstanding transit problem will be dealt according to bilateral and multilateral agreements.

Mr. Ibrahim Shams welcomed the delegation stating that the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency struggles to create investment and business enabling environment in the country.

Technical Director of Afghan Customs, confirmed the existence of problems in both sides of the border, and said that, Afghan government will spare no efforts to tackle these problems.

Mr. Mozamil Shinwari also delivered his speech to the audience. He took up the issue of APTTA agreement and added that Afghan government does not wants to automatically renew this agreement, rather it wants the APTTA agreement to be necessarily amended in order to solve the problem and challenges faced by the traders of the both countries.

As a conclusion the officials of both countries answered the inquiries of media and traders in details.

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