ACCI’s leadership meets Russian Federation Ambassador to Tajikistan

Mr. Alhaj Khanjan Alkozay Senior Vice-Chairman of ACCI, leading an Afghan business delegation, visited Tajikistan, upon the request of Russian embassy in Tajikistan to attend a meeting on fostering business relations between the Governments’ of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Federation of Russia.

The Afghan delegation was comprised of Mr. Mir Zaman Popal export promotion Director of ACCI, Mr. Massoud Parwanfar Advisor of ACCI, Mr. Jan Aqa Naweed Reporter of Radio television of Afghanistan, Mr. Haji Payenda representative of Alkozay Company in Tajikistan, Mr. Haji Nejabat Haidary chairman of fresh fruits union.

Mr. Alkozay, while pointing out the historical business ties among the two countries, thoroughly introduced afghan agricultural products and industrial productions to Russian officials. “If Russian traders are willing to maintain and improve business relations with Afghan traders and investors in different fields such as fresh and dry fruits, vegetables, carpets and cottons, ACCI will render all out support in order to help them achieve their target.” He added.

Senior Vice-Chairman of ACCI, briefed the Russian officials on recent transit problems arisen by the government of Tajikistan which impedes Afghan transit truck to get to Russia and Kazakhstan countries through Tajikistan, and urged them for immediate measures for resolving the outstanding challenges.

Business in charge of the Russian embassy in Tajikistan, termed the aim of their request to meet with Afghan officials, further strengthening the ties and expansion of business relations between the two countries.

Furthermore they announced an official visit of Russian business delegation to Kabul, which will take place in the near future, with the aim to discuss different way of business expansion between the two countries. They also pledged to resolve and discuss the transit problems with the government of Tajikistan. And urged the Afghan delegation for an Afghan export products list, in order to share the list with respective Russian traders.

It is worth mentioning, according to Mr. Nejabat Haidary, two days after the meeting Afghan transit trucks were allowed to the use the Tajikistan’s soil.

Mr. Alkozay and his accompanying delegation met with Afghan fresh and dry fruits exporters in Tajikistan on 28 December, where Afghan traders expressed their concerns over emerging transit problems with neighboring countries particularly with Tajikistan and proposed their suggestions for tackling the problems and challenges.

Afghan traders working in various sectors in Tajikistan counted the lack of sincere cooperation with the traders by Afghan embassy, lack of skilled and talented employees in Afghan embassy, excessive increase of custom duties on Afghan export products especially on fruits and vegetables, and forcing of Afghan traders to work with Tajiki working permits, as their major problem.

After candid discussions with traders Mr. Alkozay said: “as you know better business environment in Afghanistan in getting worsen day to day and in addition insecurity remains as an obstacle since the government is raising other issues as well. In spite of all above mentioned problem Afghan traders are committed to continue their business and investments in the country. ACCI has always struggled to support legal activities of Afghan Private Sector inside the country and overseas.” He also mentioned that ACCI will discuss problems of the traders with relevant authorities of Tajikistan, Russia and Afghanistan and would spare no efforts toward resolving these problem.