1st Summit of Science and Tech Development in Islamic Unity Conf

The technology and Science exhibition held on the sidelines of the 29th International Islamic Unity Conference which opened in the Iran capital Tehran on Sunday morning with high-ranking officials of Muslim countries scholars in attendance.

Mr. Baz Muhammad Afsarzai Industrial Vice-Chairman of ACCI, Mr. Naseer Ahmad Insaf First deputy Board Director of Afghanistan Industrialist union and Siamuden Pasarly Public Relation Director of ACCI attended this conference.

Advancing activities in the area of technology and science indicates the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought in the new phase.

Holding the first conference on the Muslims Countries’ Science and Technology Development should be counted as an opportunity for boosting economic cooperation and strengthening ties between countries in this realm.

The meeting which was held on the sideline of the 29th edition of International Islamic Unity Conference which was attended by some 40 thinkers worldwide.

The first conference on the Muslims Countries’ Science and Technology Development is mounted and held for minimizing our reliance on foreigners [non-Muslim countries] and securing unity among Muslim countries.

Export Development, Agriculture and Food Industry, Research and Development, branding and aerospace technology were five technical commissions mounted on the side of this conference and participants discussed to brave the standing problems in each area.

The new atmosphere after the removal of sanctions may pave the way for a better banking cooperation and for the establishment of an international fund in order to support technology in Muslim world.

The first Conference on Muslims’ Countries Science and Technology Development was underway in Tehran from December 27-29.

The Islamic Unity Week is marked between 12-17th Rabiul Awwal on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The Islamic Unity Week has been marked annually, not only in Iran, but also throughout the world, and has played an important role in bringing the various Islamic Schools of Thought on a single platform, since Allah is One, and Muslims believe in the single Qur’an and bow towards the same focal point, that is the Holy Ka’ba, five times a day during daily prayers.

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