Practice Development Review Sessions (PDRs) held in Kabul

The Afghanistan Center for Dispute Resolution (ACDR) and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Center conducted a two –day long workshop under the title of (Practice Development Review Sessions) for selected ACDR panelists on September 27 - 28, 2015 at ACCI’s Headquarter in Kabul.

One of the best incentives for an effective implementation of a dispute resolution program is the quality of mediators that are providing services in that particular program. Thus, in order to ensure good quality for the mediators, effective continuous professional development is needed.

The sessions were facilitated by ADR Center’s international mediation expert, Mr. Constantin-Adi Gavrilă and consisted in a lecture and an exercise on mediation ethics followed by a simulation of a commercial mediation where the ACDR mediators and staff played the role of the parties while the selected panelists mediated in turns.

At the beginning, Mr. Siamuden Pasarly, the Communication Specialists of ACDR, oriented the training participants about ACDR and said: (The Afghanistan Centre for Commercial Dispute Resolution (ACDR), is a state-of-the-art dispute resolution center which aims to attract and maintain domestic and international commercial business interests to the region. The ACDR delivers mediation to the domestic and international business community by supplying fast, fair, cost-effective and reliable professional mediation services while building demand through training, education and expertise in the dispute resolution field.)

Both sessions were proved to be very useful for the ACDR’s mediators as they had realistic opportunities to develop experience by testing their mediation skills and receiving constructive feed-back on their performances.

The core of ACDR’s service is professionalism, and we feel it is vital that our professionals receive constant and ongoing training in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), and interact with peer ADR providers around the world to remain on the cutting edge of the profession.


Mr. Siamuden Pasarly, Communication and Marketing Specialist, ACDR

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