New Deputy CEO of ACCI, Mr. Abdul Qadir Bahman

Today, ACCI’s Board of Directors approved the suggestion and recommendation of ACCI’s CEO regarding new Deputy CEO, Mr. Abdul Qadir Bahman. Based on ACCI’s Human Resource Policy in term of promoting employees to higher positions and also consideration of existing qualified and capable people in ACCI at different levels and also their ability to run higher positions, the Board assessed education history, positive background, capability, job experiences and past achievements in several positions with ACCI, finally recognized that he is eligible for this position and approved accordingly.

Mr. Bahman has MBA with 7 years job experiences at ACCI since merging both National Chambers at 2008 (the International Chamber of Commerce and the Government-Managed Chamber).

He started his job in the chamber by Chambers’ Reform and Merge Commission and then moved to Business Development Services Department. He also got promotion to Directorship of Membership Department and then became International Relation Director. He has developed and maintained relationship of ACCI with international partners since was doing as International Relation Director at ACCI.

It’s mentionable; he will run International Relation Department as well as Deputy CEO position until recruitment of a qualified director for the department.

ACCI’s board of directors and all employees in headquarter and provinces congratulate him and hope that will be conducting his position perfectly.