ACCI Established Global Alliance to Promote Economic Development

In parallel to the International Bonn Conference the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) hosted a video conference with representatives from Afghan Business Councils in Dubai, Great Britain, Netherlands and the United States in  Bonn. The participants agreed to establish a global alliance of  private sector organisations to promote economic development in Afghanistan. As a first step, the alliance decided to host a regional private sector conference in Kabul to provide substantive input to the Fifth Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA).

In his welcome address Mohammad Qurban Haqjo,  Chief Executive Officer of ACCI, stated that economic cooperation and integration could facilitate economic development in Afghanistan. In a strengthened regional market Afghanistan could attract new investment, benefit from its resource potential and provide increasing economic opportunity for its population. Therefore, Haqjo embraces  the initiative of the RECCA Conference in March 2012.

In order to provide a substantive input, ACCI and its global partners will host a private sector conference inviting relevant organisations from Afghanistan and neighboring countries. The conference will discuss how the conditions for trade and transit, investment and infrastructure could be facilitated and will thereby draft recommendations for the RECCA Conference.

Participants of the video conference:

  • Mohammad Qurban Haqjo, CEO ACCI (Bonn)
  • Azarakhsh Hafizi, Board Member ACCI (Bonn)
  • Paul Stevers, Executive Director Rebuild Afghanistan Summit (Bonn)
  • Haji O. Sader Khail, Chairman Afghan Business Council Dubai (Dubai )
  • Ehsan Turabaz, President Netherlands-Afghanistan Business Council (The Hague)
  • Mir Akbari, President UK Afghanistan Business Organisation (London)
  • Masood Sattari, Rebuild Afghanistan Summit (USA)
  • Bob Crowley, Executive Director Rebuild Afghanistan Summit (USA)