Herat Chamber of Commerce and Industries CEO, Meets Atlas Investigative Foundation Deputy Chairman

Mr. Khalil Ahmad Yarmand, Chief Executive Officer of Herat Chamber of Commerce and Industries met Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Deputy Chairman of Atlas Investigative Foundation, Mr. Mohammad Abul Ahrar Ramezpoor, Independent Human Right Commission Officer and Mr. Jamshidi, the representative of Herat governor.

Mr. Yarmand spoke on the objectives of the chamber, the services it delivers to the business people and investors. He also talked on the importance of investment in Afghanistan and explained the capabilities of Afghan business people in commerce, import, export, agriculture, transport and industries to respected visiting delegation.

He announced that the chamber is ready to run workshops in order to build the private sector capacities. Later, Dr. Tom G. Palmer donated a four volume book titled “the healthy mind of the economy” to Herat Chamber of Commerce and Industries.