International Fair Sales Exhibition was Inaugurated

Iranian Exhibition Managerial Company in close collaboration and full support from Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) inaugurated Fair Sales Exhibition. This exhibition was opened on Wednesday 31 August 2016 and will continue till 12 September 2016.

Mr. Mohammad Yonus Momand, the commercial Voice deputy of ACCI, Mr. Mosafer Qoqandi, Spokesperson to Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Engineer Mohammad Hashim Baiqra, Head of Kabul Green Managerial Exhibition Company, had participated at inauguration ceremony of the exhibition.

At initiation, Mr. Mohammad Yonus Momand spoke on behalf of Afghan chamber of Commerce and industries (ACCI, declared his support from the inauguration of the exhibition and added: “the inauguration of exhibition at this point of situation in Afghanistan is very vital for strengthening commercial and investment movements across the country.”

Furthermore, He spoke over the absence of continual and normative Exhibition in the country, as well as called the ministry of commerce and industries for the inauguration of the exhibition site in the country to promote and develop commercial and investment activities; in the same manner, he asked the extension of exhibitions to provinces as well.

Mr. Momand talked over the generated problem in Spinboldak and annexed: “I am very grateful from his excellency, president Ghani, for granting 50% subsidy on the transition of fresh fruit to foreign countries such as India and UAE.”

Mr. Mosafer Qoqandi conversed over the significance of exhibition in the country and the closure of Spinboldak commercial gate and in term of alternatives for preventing the same matters in future and continued: “discussions on reopening of the commercial gates is in progress and we are in position of finding the alternatives of the problems for the solution of the matter” and further stated: “the land for the exhibition installation has already been allotted and our friend State, Republic of China, has promised to build the apartment through which the matter of exhibitions’ absence will be resolved.

Mr. Qoqandi talked over the activity state of private sector and national products and additionally stated: “30% of national demand for shoes is solved by national products which is a forward movement toward self-sufficiency, moreover he called the reduction of tax on machinery and cloths as won points of the Ministry and thanked Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) for constant contributions.”

Mr. Eng. Moh. Hashim Baiqra appreciated the close contribution of Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries and also conversed on the event and named the exhibition as the initiation point for the promotion and obtaining support for Afghan products, conducting marketing activity for the products and increasing the quality of the products too.

In this exhibition, 45 productive companies from seven different sectors such as; foodstuffs, household, craft supplies, had taken part to show their products to the participant.

Among the companies, eight foodstuff companies, eight craft supply companies, five carpet industry companies, one printing and packing company, two boot manufacturing companies and one private hospital had taken part to display their products and services.

Turkish companies like; Alker, Alfa-Turk stove, Kamtel Electronics, Winaldy households and foodstuffs displayed their products.

This exhibition had been held for Eid occasion in order to introduce the products of aforementioned companies to be offered in fair rate to the public.