SAFE Networking Meeting held in Colombo

The South Asia Forum of Employers (SAFE) Networking Meeting took place on 10 – 12 March 2016 in Colombo Sri Lanka. This high level event was organised by the ITC/ILO, Dutch Employers Cooperation Program (DECP) and of Employers Federation of Ceylon (EFC).

The meeting, which was specifically focused on the South Asian Employers organizations, brought together the representatives of the EO’s of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka to reinforce the network and mutual exchange.

The objectives were:

  • To strengthen South Asian National EO access to information on current trends and developments internationally and in the sub region on subjects of importance
  • To enable EOs to improve analysis of business needs, the orientation and contents of lobbying with policy makers, provision of services to members and the overall effective functioning of the employers organisations

The delegations focused on several issues like, Lobbying and advocacy, The role of employers organisations can play in relation to skills policies, regional representation of employers organisations throughout the respective countries, and a general exchange on recent developments within each of our organisations. Next year agenda of the program will be:

  1. Wages and Productivity
  2. Skills Development
  3. Migration For Work
  4. Employment Contract
  5. Women Empowerment
Every country was assigned to work on the topics and come up with their findings for future decisions of the forum.