3rd Afghan-Russia Business Matchmaking Conference

In a bid to discuss several economic-business cooperation among the two countries, the Afghan-Russia joint commission in close collaboration with Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), organized the 3rd Afghan-Russia Business matchmaking conference on 1 march 2016 in Intercontinental Hotel of Kabul, Afghanistan.

The event was attended by leadership of ACCI and Kabul Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI), representatives of Ministry of economy and Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, large prominent Russian companies in composition of a 28 member business delegation, traders and investor from private sectors of both countries.

Mr. Henry Blenkov representative of Russian ministry of economy, while appreciating ACCI for its tireless efforts towards organizing this significant business matchmaking conference, termed the conference an effective effort for Russia to regain its business and economical position.

“Russia intends to start a series of economic projects and programs in Afghanistan in close collaboration with ACCI” he added.

Moreover he went on and said that (Trance Capital Bank) a leading Russian bank has expressed its interest for cooperating with Afghan banks and are intended to state their interest with Afghan ministry of finance and Da Afghanistan bank through official letters.

Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat CEO of ACCI, while welcoming the Russian business delegation, called Russia one of those countries who have played significant role in modernization of Afghanistan.

“Business relations between Afghanistan and Russia have always been smooth throughout the history and Russian made infrastructures such as Salang Tunnel project, Housing and power generating projects are great indicators of these relations.” He added.

Furthermore Mr. Nusrat said: “we have imported around 258 million dollars construction materials, food materials, machinery and other similar products from Russia and we have exported around 21 million dollar worth dry and fresh fruits to this country”.

CEO of ACCI termed the current trade turnover (280 million dollars) among the two countries insufficient and called for mutual long term cooperation in order to further boost business relation among Russia and Afghanistan.

Mr. Alhaj Khanjan Alkozay First Vice Chairman of ACCI, during addressing the conference called for regional economic integration and emphasized on expanded business ties among regional countries.

Mr. Alkozay said: “due to recent political tensions and strained relations between European Union and Russia, Afghanistan could be deemed as an active business partner for Russia. For instance Afghanistan has the capacity of producing around half a million tons of fresh and 600 thousand tons of dried fruits, annually”.

Furthermore, on behalf of ACCI and Afghan private sector he pledged all-out support for facilitating the business environment for Russian traders and investor who are willing to invest in Afghanistan.

In this conference as result of various discussions both parties emphasized on expansion and strengthening of mutual economic ties between Afghanistan and Russia.

Moreover the outcomes and agreements of mutual negotiations on different sectors such as Energy, oil and gas, business and banking, transportation, industry, education, agriculture and joint venture between investors of the both countries, have also been discussed in this session.

Both parties contently praised the signing of memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the National Council of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, applauding the regular contacts among the both houses of the both countries and called for further expansion of the cooperation.

Similarly both sides emphasized and reiterated their commitment for better implementation of the MoU inked among the governments of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Federation of Russia on 21 January 2011 in Moscow.  And was agreed that Moscow will host the 4th session of the commission on 2017. The exact date and venue of the session would be coordinated through diplomatic channels.

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