ACCI attends Preparatory Meeting of 11th China-South Asia Business Forum

Mr. Mohammad Yonass Mohmand, Commercial Vice-Chairman of ACCI and Vice-President of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industries (Afghanistan Chapter) and Mohammad Zia Azizi, International Organization Manager at ACCI attended the Preparatory Meeting of the 11th China-South Asia Business Forum organized by China Council for promotion of International trade (CCPIT) and SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SAARC CCI) on 6th December 2015 in Marriott Hotel, Islamabad.

China-South Asia business forum is initiated as the outcome of the MoU Signed between CCPIT-Yunnan Sub-council and SAARC CCI in 2006 and is a mechanism to promote economic cooperation between China and South Asia which has now entered in to second decade after successfully completion of the 10th Edition of China-South Asia Business Forum at Kunming City of people’s republic of China.

The purpose of the preparatory meeting was to invite members of the councils for brainstorming on the following two important issues of the 11th China South Asian Business Forum which is schedule to be organized in June/July 2016 in China:

  • To recommend theme and Topic of the forum.
  • To accretion the role of member organizations as rotating Chair.

The opening Session was addressed by Mr. Suraj Vaidya, President (in-charge) SAARC CCI and Mr. Xiong Qinghua, Chairman of CCPIT, Mr. Yu Jianlong, President, China International Chamber of Commerce, H.E Ahmed Saleem, Ambassador of Maldives in Pakistan, Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Tabish, Secretary General of SAARC CCI, Iftikhar Ali Malik, Vice-President SAARC CCI (Pakistan), Zubair Ahmad Malik, EC Member SAARC CCI Macky Hashim, former president of SAARC CCI.

Mr. Suraj Vaidya, President SAARC CCI stated that China Trade since, 2005 with the SAARC countries has increased many folds. He emphasized that a micro analysis shows that trade between China-Afghanistan has increased from 52 million USD to 410 Million USD and the growth rate in trade has been remarkable between all SAARC countries and China during the last decade since the conference was initiated. The keynote speakers at the opening session emphasized on economic integration between China and south Asian countries.

The meeting was then followed by a close session where all the participants from SAARC Countries and China including Mr. Mohammad Yonass Mohmand, Commercial Vice-Chairman of ACCI, Vice-President SAARC CCI “Afghanistan Chapter” discussed and recommended the theme and topics of the next forum.

Mr. Mohmand while conveying his sincere thanks to CCPIT and SAARC CCI for taking an active part in economic rebuilding and integration of the South Asia and China during the last decades recommended that the next theme and topic of the conference could be China-South Asia Infrastructure development and how china can help SAARC Countries develop their infrastructure.

Mr. Mohmand also detailed about the investment opportunities exists in Afghanistan and stated that There are a alot of investment opportunities in extractive industries including minerals, marble, commodity metals and other precious stones. Agriculture remains a strong market driver with significant opportunities in agri-business and agriculture distribution and infrastructure.  Dried fruits, nuts and seeds, residential and commercial real estate, construction and construction material are the other sectors where tremendous investment opportunities exits and urged the private leaders of the south Asian countries and China to encourage their private sectors in investing in Afghanistan.

The participants were then agreed that the next rotating Chair of the upcoming china-South Asia business forums to be Maldives, Afghanistan and Bhutan in respective orders.