ACCI Presents its Highest Award to Hon’ble Ambassador of Turkey in Kabul

ACCI’s leadership discussed different business and economic issues with Honorable ambassador of turkey during a meeting. The event, was organized in the office of ACCI’s board of directors on December 2, 2015, and was attended by Mr. Ali Sait AKIN Hon’ble ambassador of turkey to Afghanistan, Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Younus Momand commercial deputy of BOD, Mr. Sadullah Haqyar secretariat director of BOD, Mr. Azraksh Hafezi, Mr. Ismail Ghazanfar, Mr Alhaj Nezamuddin Tajzada BOD members, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat CEO and Mr. Abdul Qadir Bahman.


Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Younus Momand while welcoming Turkish honorable ambassador, termed the relations between Afghanistan and Turkey great and very strong and said that the history of these relations goes back to Hero Amanullah Khan’s tenure.


Mr. Ali Sait AKIN emphasized on strengthening relations between the two countries and pointed out the recent steps taken and facilities provided by Turkish embassy in order to facilitate the issuance of visa for Afghan traders. Moreover he added “we have dedicated four days of the week for visa issuance and those traders who have business licenses and business passport can easily get visa on Mondays.


Mr. Azrakhsh Hafezi, called Afghanistan and Turkey members of the same cultural zone and asked for fostering trade and business relations among the two countries.


As a part of this gathering, the excellent performance of Mr. Ali Sait AKIN, honorable ambassador of turkey to Afghanistan, in terms of close cooperation with ACCI as well as Afghan Private Sector, was praised with presenting ACCI’s highest level Award to him by ACCI’s leadership.