ACCI Attends the 9th World Chambers Congress

ACCI attended the 9th World Chambers Congress in composition of 45-member business delegation led by Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat, CEO and Mr. Haji Baz Mohammad, Industrial Vice-Chairman on 10 – 12 June 2015 in Turin, Italy

The Congress brought together chambers and business leaders from 109 countries, under the theme ‘Identity, Community, Vision’. The world’s largest gathering of chambers addressed current global trends affecting chambers of commerce and their respective communities: from economic recovery to climate change and other pressing issues that transcend national boundaries. Over 1500 business leaders from 109 countries participated in the congress.

The 9th World Chambers Congress featured four plenary sessions on a range of issues including the changing nature of world trade, the impact of migration and the availability of skills, how chambers can help businesses adapt to the challenges of climate change and the need for business input from local contexts into the Millennium Development Goals.

In addition to four plenary sessions, 25 workshops were set to address key challenges and opportunities for businesses today. These include SME financing; youth entrepreneurship and job creation, managing the increasing complexity of metropolitan cities, the role of chambers in fighting crime, and new technology realms of crowd funding and digital currencies.

ACCI has also facilitated the participation of a 45 member business delegation led by Atiqullah Nusrat the CEO of ACCI; Haji Baz Mohammad the Industrial Vice-Chairman of ACCI and some of the board members of Kabul Chamber also attended this congress, indeed the Afghan delegation is one of the largest delegations participating in the Congress.

CEO of ACCI attended the panel discussion on "Trust in Government" and shared ACCI's experiences in building relations with Afghan Government and representing the interest of private sector through advocacy programs conducted during the last 12 years.

CEO of ACCI met with Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce in Parallel of 9th WCC and discussed on development of business relationship between ACCI and the union. Both parties agreed to sign a MoU focused on business information exchanges, organizing fairs and business conferences and exchange business delegation soon.

To find out photos of the congress, please click here.