5th Afghan – Turk International Expo in Kabul

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) and Afghan – Turkish Industrialists & Traders Association (ATSIAD) jointly organized the 5th Afghan – Turk International Expo on 21 – 24 April 2015 in Kabul in following four previous exhibitions.

The Exhibition aims to boost business relationship between two countries, find market for Afghan and Turkish quality products, raise awareness of Turkish investors on current market and investment circumstance in Afghanistan and also persuade Afghan policymakers to pave investment attraction needs.

26 Afghan and 34 Turkish companies showcased their products in 84 booths by Four days, which included electronic equipment, construction materials, furniture, foods, cloths, internal decoration and cosmetics.

Opening of the Expo was attended by H.E. Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal, Senior Economic Advisor to President, Mr. Faiz Mohammad Osmani, Minister of Hajj, Mr. Khanjan Alkozay, Senior Vice-Chairman of ACCI, Mr. Mohammad Younus Momand, Commercial Vice-Chairman of ACCI, Mr. Muzamel Shinwari, Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Numan Erdogan, President of Afghan – Turk Schools in Afghanistan, Mr. Sami Yavuz, President of ATSIAD,

On 19 March, 2013, ACCI and ATSIAD signed a Memorandum of Understanding to continue their business relationship in future. Based on the MoU, both parties will organize such exhibitions until next 10 years in Afghanistan. The MoU also concentrates on economic support from Turkey to Afghanistan through ATSIAD.

It is worth mentioning; ACCI and ATSIAD have successfully organized the past four exhibitions. The fourth exhibition held on 15 – 18 April 2014 in Kabul in consisting overall sectors and approximately 29,000 people visited the exhibition by four days.

Afghanistan generally imports constructional materials, commodities, electrical equipment, machinery, drugs, and cloths from Turkey. And exports fresh and dried fruits and vegetables to Turkey.

Based on figures released in website of Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkish investors have been investing $2.8 billion since August 2008 especially in construction sector. They have completed 330 construction projects in Afghanistan.

To view photos of the Expo, please click here.